Turnover on Budapest Stock Exchange rises sharply

January 3, 2018, 8:44 am  english version Hungarian version  
Turnover on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) grew in annual terms both in December 2017 and the whole of last year. As regards the local investment service providers, Concorde recorded the largest turnover.

  • The BSE booked 194 billion forint turnover in December, with an average daily turnover of HUF 10.2 bn. Both figures are higher than in the base period (HUF 178 bn and HUF 8.5 bn, respectively).
  • Average daily turnover came in at HUF 10.7 bn in 2017, up 17.5% year on year.
  • Among the brokerages, Concorde’s share of turnover was the greatest in December (HUF 108.1 bn or 27.9% of total turnover), followed by Wood (HUF 67.9 bn, 17.5%) and Erste (HUF 66.2 bn, 17.1%).
  • Turnover with OTP shares was the largest in December (HUF 67.7 bn, +27.6% yr/yr), followed by Richter (HUF 41.6 bn, +9.2% yr/yr), Mol (HUF 34.3 bn, +16.5% yr/yr) and Opus (HUF 13.2 bn). A total of HUF 6.3 bn worth of Magyar Telekom were traded in the last month of the year (-8.0% yr/yr).

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