Szijjarto Peter Eve Power bejelentes

China's Eve Energy seen investing a lot more in new Hungarian plant than previously announced

HUF 480 bn instead of HUF 400 bn, stock exchange filing shows

David Pressman amerikai magyar tudomanyos egyuttmukodes

U.S. Ambassador scolds Hungarian government

Rough remarks after Ukraine dam destruction

gorog magyar blokkolas

Hungary and Greece continue to block EU's 11th sanctions package against Russia

They'll give it another go next Wednesday, but process could drag out until end-July

EU zászló

Final EU growth ranking shows Hungary advanced but still close to bottom

Both in terms of annual and monthly GDP growth

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export trade
June 08, 2023 09:15

Hungary's external balance improves fast, but there is one big problem

Imports are not very buoyant

June 08, 2023 08:40

Hungary will have the most expensive petrol in the region

Even in war-torn Ukraine, petrol will be cheaper

Brutális különbség a multik és a kisboltok között - Százezerrel is többet kereshetsz
June 08, 2023 08:40

A pleasant surprise at last: inflation drops sharply in Hungary

A much-awaited fall

magyar gdp, magyarország, magyar gazdaság,
June 07, 2023 19:10

Hungarian economy will not grow in 2023 - OECD

Stagnation, deficit target overshoot projected for this year

orbán viktor facebook újranyitás
June 07, 2023 16:55

Hungary Orbán says preparations for EU presidency underway - EP says not so fast!

Claims of electoral autocracy vs. strong anti-Hungarian bias

adobevallas adozás
June 07, 2023 11:30

Hungary 2024 tax bill packed with hidden increases

Higher FTT, modified ekho, payment of CIT and business tax in foreign currency

Késő estére állt helyre a rend a magyar autópályákon
June 07, 2023 10:15

Hungarian government hits the brakes in a key area

Silver lining for motorists

Szerdától olcsóbb lesz a tankolás
June 07, 2023 08:45

Hungarian state makes "extra profit" that cannot be blamed on the EU

When playing it safe is taken a bit too far

June 06, 2023 17:40

EU extends import ban on Ukrainian crops

Original restrictions expired on Monday