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Peculiar developments discovered at retail Hungarian government securities

Figures for the first month burdened by social contribution tax available


Hungary OTP chief Csányi talks about dividend payment

Chairman-CEO expects a record year

Visszaszédült a korábbi sávjába a forint

Battle for our savings: where will Hungarians put their money?

Latest savings statistics from the National Bank of Hungary are out

More in Equity

September 18, 2023 10:47

Hungary Richter reaches spending milestone

Share purchase programme is far from over, though

September 01, 2023 16:40

Hungarian stock market breaks historic record in August

BSE closes outstanding month

parlament országház budapest getty stock
August 11, 2023 13:10

Is the inflation-tracking government bond really a Hungarian speciality?

The PMÁP is on a roll here at home, so we checked to see if there's a similar trend in the rest of the world

August 04, 2023 16:35

Exchange rate, special tax hurt Hungary's Richter but there's a pleasant surprise too

Particularly in relation to Vraylar

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi benzinkút kőolajfinomító
August 03, 2023 17:12

Analysts put bar really low for Hungary's Mol - But why?

Estimates for the second quarter of 2023

Átlagosan évente 16 000 forinttal kurtítják meg a szülők gyermekük malacperselyét
July 25, 2023 13:53

Hungarians do indeed buy more government securities

More than 800,000 household accounts are held at the Hungarian State Treasury

July 18, 2023 11:13

Hungarian banks obliged to encourage their customers to buy government securities

"in order to improve financial awareness"

parlament budapest orzágház getty stock
June 27, 2023 09:07

Hungarian government extends the deposit rate freeze

No loopholes for market actors

June 16, 2023 14:15

One of Hungary's biggest agricultural companies expands in Romania

UBM acquires 104,000 square metres of land in Budești

Titkok és tévhitek a készpénzről - Íme az igazság egyenesen az MNB-től
June 14, 2023 16:40

Amount of currency in circulation hits 15-month low in Hungary

Central bank data show