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Insurance 2020

Date: 5th March 2020  

Location: Hilton Hotel Budapest, Vár


  • Insurance executives on the sector's outlook
  • Visions of the central bank and MABISZ about the insurance sector
  • Regional insurtech roundtable
  • The impact of Qualified Consumer-friendly Home Insurance on the retail non-life insurance market
  • Self-reliance going downhill in Hungary – What could reverse the trend?
  • Challenges and breakout opportunities in sales and the insurance broker market

Our speakers among others

speaker image
Ákoshegyi Katalin
Head of Sales
Posta Biztosító
speaker image
Almássy Gabriella
President and CEO
UNION Biztosító
speaker image
Baksa Melinda
szakmai vezető
PBA Insura Zrt.
speaker image
Balogh Zsolt
Executive Director
Liferay Hungary
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média Zrt. (Portfolio)
speaker image
Baranyai Dávid
Board Member, Sales and Distribution Director
NN Biztosító
speaker image
David Bystrzycki
speaker image
Czene Árpád
Board Member
NN Biztosító
speaker image
Erdős Mihály
Generali Biztosító Zrt.
speaker image
Erdős Mihály
speaker image
Futó Péter
speaker image
Gaál Csaba
Private Quality Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt.
speaker image
Juhász László
Managing Director and Senior Partner
Boston Consulting Group
speaker image
Dr. Kálózdi Tamás
Groupama Biztosító Zrt.
speaker image
Kiss Imre
Founder, CEO
speaker image
Dr. Kravalik Gábor
Önkéntes Pénztárak Országos Szövetsége (ÖPOSZ)
speaker image
Kurtisz Krisztián
speaker image
Lambert Gábor
Head of Communication
Magyar Biztosítók Szövetsége (MABISZ)
speaker image
Malicskó Gábor
Member of the Board
Allianz Hungária Biztosító
speaker image
Nyitrai Győző
OTP Bank
speaker image
Papp Ádám
Managing Director
OVB Magyarország
speaker image
Christian Pedak
LAMIE direkt
speaker image
Porosz Péter
értékesítési igazgató
DBX Kft.
speaker image
Dr. Alexander Protsenko
Allianz Hungária Biztosító
speaker image
Raveczky Zsolt
Board Member
speaker image
Schaub Erika
személybiztosítási igazgató
Generali Biztosító
speaker image
Sebestyén László
CEO, Chairman
Netrisk.hu, FBAMSZ
speaker image
Sebestyén András
CEO, Grantis
Member of the Board, FBAMSZ
speaker image
Szalai Péter
PEND Consulting Kft.
speaker image
Dr. Szebelédi Ferenc
Head of Department
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
speaker image
Szeniczey Gergő
Managing Director
speaker image
Szota Szabolcs
Smartsurance Technologies Kft.
speaker image
Szurgyi Nándor
lakásbiztosítási üzletág igazgató
Aegon Magyarország Általános Biztosító
speaker image
Dr. Zolnay Judit
MetLife Biztosító

Why you should come?

While the asset and liability insurance markets keep up their dynamic growth in Hungary, life insurance shows more of a mixed picture. Partly in reaction to this, the plans of the government and the National Bank of Hungary imply that new forms of self-reliance will be introduced to the Hungarian market. Authorities have already made a move in home insurance, introducing the Qualified Consumer-friendly Home Insurance, which could bring about changes in retail non-life insurance. Insurtech and bigtech companies are also pounding on the doors of insurers with increasing force, and the challenges their appearance brings, as well as the IT innovations of insurance companies, will be among key topics at our event.

In line with Portfolio's traditions, interesting panel discussions, talks and networking opportunities will make sure that visitors to our early spring Insurance 2020 conference can discuss future business opportunities and risks in the above fields. Aside from insurers, the event could also be of interest to insurance brokers, legal and consulting partners, IT companies and other suppliers. The insurance sector is in transformation and we hope to update our conference accordingly, both in topics and in the way they are treated. 

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Let’s watch out for each other!

Please follow our safety instructions

  • Please keep 1,5 m distance from others!
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly!
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer!
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw it out and wash your hands!
  • Avoid handshakes, greet with elbow bumps!
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask during the conference!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Let’s be safe together!

We are looking out for you!

We ensure maximum safety of our events!

  • The number of attendees at our events are limited
  • Ozone air disinfection method is used in conference rooms
  • Disinfection and air purifier machine is operated during the whole day
  • Contactless, safe entry is guaranteed by QR code
  • Body temperature is checked with thermal imaging camera at entrance
  • Staff and hostesses are wearing masks and working in gloves at all times
  • Hand sanitizer and masks are provided for our attendees
  • Seating arrangements made with the appropriate distance


Advance Medical; Aegon Magyarország Általános Biztosító Zrt.; Affidea Magyarország Kft.; Agape 2000 Kft.; Agenta Consulting - Keszthelyi Holding Tagja; Allianz Hungária Biztosító; Allianz Hungária Zrt.; Allianz Investmentbank AG; Aon Magyarország Kft.; Bancard Tanácsadó Kft.; Biztositas.hu kft.; Boston Consulting Group; Budapest Bank Zrt.; Budapest Institute of Banking; Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem; CARDIF Biztosító Zrt.; Carglass Magyarország; CherryHUB BSC Kft.; CIG Pannónia Életbiztosító Nyrt.; CIG Pannónia Első Magyar Általános Biztosító; Danubius Expert Zrt.; Duna Medical Center Group; Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.; Europ Assistance Magyarország Kft.; Foglaljorvost Online Kft.; Formula / 400 Kft.; Gárdos Mosonyi Tomori Ügyvédi Iroda; Gemius Hungary Kft.; Generali Biztosító Zrt.; GP Consulting Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Kft.; GRAWE Életbiztosító Zrt.; Groupama Biztosító Zrt.; Hungária Med-M Kft.; Hungarikum Biztosítási Alkusz Kft.; INOV Finance; Insurance Partners Kft.; Insurwiz Technology Kft.; Intrum Justitia Zrt.; K&H Bank Zrt.; K&H Biztosító Zrt.; Keszthelyi Holding Zrt.; KPMG Hungária Kft.; KPMG Tanácsadó Kft.; Lombard Invest Kft.; Magyar Biztosítók Szövetsége; Magyar Cetelem Bank Zrt.; Magyar Nemzeti Bank; Magyar Posta Biztosító Zrt.; Magyar Posta Zrt.; Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Zrt.; Magyar Ügyvédek Kölcsönös Biztosító Egyesülete (MÜBSE); McKinsey, Poland; Microsec Zrt.; NBA Független Biztosítási Alkusz Kft.; Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem; Netrisk.hu; NN Biztosító Zrt.; Novartis Hungaria Kft.; NyugdíjGuru News; OVB Vermögensberatung Kft.; PBA Insura Zrt.; Private Quality Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt.; Provident Pénzügyi Zrt.; PwC Könyvvizsgáló Kft.; Quantis Consulting Zrt.; Quantis Holding Zrt.; Roland Berger Kft.; ShiwaForce.com; SIGNAL IDUNA Biztosító Zrt.; SK Trend Kft.; Stratis Kft.; SuIT Solutions; Swiss Re; Target Communications; UFS Group; UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.; Union VIG Biztosító; UNIQA Biztosító Zrt. / CHERRISK; UNIQA International AG; Virgo Systems Kft.; Wáberer Hungária Biztosító Zrt.; Zilahi Dávid e.v.

Who we recommend

Our event can provide useful knowledge to those working in the following areas:
  • CEOs,
  • Product developers,
  • Professionals responsible for sales,
  • Agents, brokers, financial advisors,
  • Employees of the insurance law and taxation sector,
  • IT-professionals,
  • Professionals employed by other participants of the financial sector.


Insurance 2020

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