Label: "European Council"

April 05, 2024 15:16

Unexpected Hungarian and Finnish opposition could sink major EU green plan

Poland also switched to opposition from abstention

EU zászló
March 20, 2024 09:40

EU summit: It is high time we put the EU’s economy on a “war footing”

European Council President Charles Michel says

brusszel europai unio
March 12, 2024 09:10

Only Hungary votes against new rules on political ads aimed to counter misinformation

New rules will still be in effect in Hungary's 2026 election

March 04, 2024 16:23

EU member states agree on continued gas demand reduction measures

Commission recommendation accepted

orban viktor
February 01, 2024 15:39

They made an offer, we accepted it - Orbán

Hungarian PM reveals why he changed his mind and voted in favour of Ukraine aid package

európa űr, űrfotó
February 01, 2024 11:50

EU summit agrees on aid to Ukraine, as Hungary drops objection

Hungary's Orbán has apparently not vetoed

klimamegallapodas eu csucs brusszel 201011
January 31, 2024 09:52

Hungarian proposal swept aside in Brussels, rotating presidency might be taken away

If the Hungarian Prime Minister does not give in, the situation could escalate

brusszel europai unio
January 30, 2024 10:12

Politico: Hungary would contribute to Ukraine's EU support in a special way

The Germans' request would also be granted in Brussels

fordulat Ukrajna Magyarorszag Orban Viktor
January 11, 2024 10:18

Hungarian government makes a U-turn, agrees to support Ukraine from the EU budget

This is exactly the opposite of what Budapest wanted, and there are some interesting twists

michel orban
January 09, 2024 13:21

Cards reshuffled in EU to prevent Hungary's Orbán from becoming Council President

Clashes in Brussels are unavoidable, though

varga mihály interjú 2
December 28, 2023 14:00

RePowerEU advance due to legal loophole arrives in the Hungarian budget

HUF 300 billion in EU funds have been transferred, FinMin reports

uniós jog uniós szabályozás uniós szankciók
December 28, 2023 08:48

Brussels got a new sanctions weapon for Christmas to make renegade states worry

The Anti-Coercion Instrument came into force on 27 December

Orbán Viktor
December 19, 2023 09:42

EU leaders consider stripping Hungary of its Council voting rights

Debate on Article 7 procedure reignited

uniós csúcs, európai tanács, európai tanács csúcstalálkozó
December 05, 2023 08:34

Bloomberg: Hungarian government to knock Ukraine's accession off EU agenda

Viktor Orbán writes again to the European Council

charles michel orbán viktor
November 24, 2023 09:41

Council President to meet Hungarian PM Orbán in Budapest

Charles Michel to arrive on Monday, seeking a deal ahead of December summit

brusszel europai unio
October 17, 2023 09:24

EU Council President calls extraordinary summit on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Heads of State and Government try to reach a unified position

Didier Reynders jogallamisagi jelentes
October 10, 2023 09:26

EU to revisit nuclear option against Hungary - paper

Article 7 procedure on the table again