NET Média Zrt., the publisher of portfolio.hu online financial journal, may maintain business relations, either directly or via any of its economic interests or subsidiaries, with those listed and unlisted companies on which portfolio.hu publishes reports, writes analyses, interviews and other materials. In these business relations NET Média Zrt. or any of its subsidiaries may be either providing or receiving services for or from the related company. Providing real-time stock exchange data services for any company also classifies as business relation.

Portfolio.hu online financial journal does its utmost to use genuine data from reliable sources whenever it publishes reports, analyses, interviews and other materials, but neither portfolio.hu, nor NET Média Zrt. vouch for the accuracy of and assume or accept any responsibility or liability in relation to these data.

News, analyses, interviews and any other material published by portfolio.hu are prepared for information purposes only and should not be considered, as an offer, invitation, solicitation or recommendation to invest.

Members of portfolio.hu's editorial may effect transactions for their own accounts on the stock exchange and/or may have shares of any listed or unlisted company. The reason our employees are allowed to engage in such deals is our conviction that only those will be able to give accurate information and analyses on the stock exchange that are in possession of real stock exchange experience. It is the policy of the editorial, however, that no article, analysis or any other material written by a staff member may be affected by the author's personal interests. The Company shall apply severe sanctions with immediate effect on any staff member that provides biased or misleading information stemming from their personal shareholding interests.

NET Média Zrt. holds at least one share in every company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) so that it may be legally represented at the companies' general meetings. Should the author (staff member) of any analysis or report with a personal viewpoint appearing on portfolio.hu have a stake in the related company, the size of this holding will be mentioned there within with an 0.01% accuracy.

Every analysis and opinion published on portfolio.hu reflects the personal view of the author. Considering this and the general risks of any stock exchange transaction, NET Média does not assume or accept any responsibility for any damage, loss or cost related to transactions made on the basis of these materials.

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