koronavírus teszt covid

WHO warns lack of testing lowers ability to identify new Covid variants

Továbbra is harcolni kell a világjárvány ellen.


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    varga mihály bef

    Hungary FinMin talks about raised defcit target

    Retail savings measures around the corner

    EU Funds

    varga judit igazságügyi

    Hungary sticks to possibility of veto in foreign affairs matters

    Gov't does not support changes to unanimity vote rules

    brusszel europai unio

    Hungary makes serious pledges to EU, two ways to go from here

    Commission proposal made public, sheds light on key issues



    Commission says airlines may pass on windfall tax to passengers

    Clarification comes after Ryanair-Hungary squabble

    Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

    Hungary Wizz Air to buy 75 new aircraft

    Further step to have a 500-strong fleet by the end of the decade


    Költségvetés 2019: erről szavaz a parlament

    Hungary debt manager to issue new T-bill

    6-month Discount Treasury Bills to hit the market

    gas pipe

    Gazprom warns Europe has no alternative to Russian gas

    Energy giant Deputy CEO paints grim picture


    cement építőipar

    Hungarian gov't to set up state-owned cement factory

    To ensure supply for construction industry

    airport city business park, forrás: wing

    Wing delivers new hall near Budapest airport

    Next warehouse to be completed shortly


    Pedro Sanchez spanyol miniszterelnok

    EU member state to slash VAT on gas

    It's one way to shield residents from surging energy prices

    Demand booms for rented residential assets across Europe

    Despite rising costs and rents, the rented residential sector continues to ride high as demand booms and is poised to remain a more lucrative investment opportunity than asset classes such as office or retail. Bonard has spoken to leading real estate...