Label: "Hungarian Medical Chamber"

koronavirus korhaz
December 03, 2021 17:02

Hungarian Medical Chamber drops info morsel on vaccination status of Covid patients in ICUs

The government remains hush-hush on the matter

koronavírus lélegeztetőgép kórház beteg covid
November 23, 2021 09:03

Hungarian hospitals in “wartime medicine” mode

Lack of information hinders hospital work, vaccination campaign

intenzív osztály koronavírus járvány magyar kórház
November 17, 2021 17:29

Hungarian Medical Chamber sounds the alarm again - Hospitals getting filled fast

ICU capacity is not endless

koronavírus oltás Johnson & Johnson
October 14, 2021 15:30

Hungarian doctors recommend four measures to prevent dramatic pandemic wave

Urge cabinet to enforce wide-scale use of immunity certificates

orvos kórház egészségügy doktor
August 19, 2021 15:50

Hungarian Medical Chamber rings alarm bell "on the brink of the fourth wave" in pandemic

Recommends several measures as protective actions are nowhere to be seen

kórház oltás egészségügy
March 24, 2021 16:02

Access to medical treatment may be restricted in Hungary at one point - Medical Chamber Secretary

Another warning about the strained health care system

kincses gyula orban viktor koronavirus szigorites
March 24, 2021 08:45

Medical chamber calls for lockdown in Hungary again

Two weeks should do if we don’t meet or shop too much

koronavírus egészségügy kórház dolgozó járvány
March 23, 2021 09:05

Hungarian Medical Chamber calls for tighter lockdown

Close malls, shop once a week to prevent health system collapse

koronavírus járvány beteg kórház
November 02, 2020 09:11

Optometrists, dentists treat critical patients in coronavirus wards

Medical chamber demands to be involved in drafting new regulations

kórház egészségügy
October 27, 2020 20:23

Hungarian doctors warn hundreds could die per day without tighter measures

Epidemic could run rampant

kórház felújítás egészségügy orvosok
October 07, 2020 17:25

Hungarian Medical Chamber awakens and shouts "We'll not be soldiers!"

They think a barrage of doctors will chose private care instead

kórház orvos
May 26, 2020 09:10

Hungarian Medical Chamber rejects minister Kásler's scapegoating

Minister is responsible for the consequences of hospital bed evacuations, doctors insist