antony blinken egyesült államok paul whelan szergej lavrov oroszország
March 22, 2023 17:25

U.S. Department of State strongly criticises Hungary

Washington issues report on various concerns

Most temethetjük el Magyarország felminősítését? Kockázatokat lát a Moody's
March 14, 2023 09:28

Moody's places six U.S. banks under review for downgrade

Knocks Signature Bank deep into junk grade

david pressman
March 10, 2023 11:15

Hungary's anti-American rhetoric gets into Washington ears

U.S. Ambassador to Hungary takes report home

orbán viktor miniszterelnök
March 02, 2023 17:12

Hungary's Orbán: "I understand what Putin said, but I do not accept what he did."

PM talks about Russia-Ukraine war

david pressman
February 24, 2023 15:22

Pressman: there is no "peace camp" and "war camp"

U.S. Ambassador feels something was wrong with PM Orbán's SOTN address

naptár 2023
January 09, 2023 08:20

US inflation data for December coming this week

Along with a number of other important macroeconomic events and releases

paul krugman amerikai választások 2022
November 08, 2022 14:23

Renowned economist worries Republicans may turn U.S. into Hungary

Paul Krugman says Republicans would copy Viktor Orbán's approach

Finn határ oroszok
September 28, 2022 15:35

US urges Americans to leave Russia while they can

Over 50,000 Russians entered Finland last week alone

September 12, 2022 08:25

Inflation may have peaked in the US - but the economy may already be in a downturn

Macroeconomic calendar for the week

September 02, 2022 08:43

Russia threatens Western countries that would support oil price cap

Says it will stop deliveries to them

usa ukrajna
April 25, 2022 09:30

US pledges USD 700 million in military aid to Ukraine

Senior US officials meet Zelensky in Kyiv

orosz haderő
April 20, 2022 09:03

Pentagon: Russia learned from strategic mistakes, prepares for major offiensive

They are now better organising logistics, joint operations

April 14, 2022 08:18

USA to send Ukraine additional USD 800 million military aid

Including heavy artillery

kreml oroszország moszkva
March 24, 2022 15:49

G7 countries impose new sanctions on Russia

Washington ramping up pressure on Moscow

fehér ház amerika elnök fehérház
March 11, 2022 11:35

G7 countries to deliver another heavy blow to Russian economy

Tariff war may ensue

A német energia fele megújulókból jött, és meg is lett a látványos eredménye
March 08, 2022 17:39

Commission presents plan to end dependence on Russian energy

Rapidly, even before 2030

omikron koronavírus tüskefehérje
December 20, 2021 08:28

Washington urges more vaccinations, booster shots to stem 'raging' Omicron

Anthony Fauci addresses protective measure necessities