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europai parlament cimlap getty tobbszor 2000
November 23, 2022 13:25

European Parliament declares Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism

Sweeping majority of MEPs in favour of resolution

europai parlament cimlap getty tobbszor 2000
November 21, 2022 10:18

European Parliament to seek blocking of EU funds to Hungary

We would not receive certain subsidies until there is a full improvement

Petri Sarvamaa EP sajtotajekoztato
November 17, 2022 14:25

European Parliament unhappy with Hungary's anti-graft steps

Urges Commission to keep withholding funds

horvat hataratkelohely
November 10, 2022 14:05

Hungary-Croatia border to be 'invisible'

European Parliament green-lights Schengen Area accession for Croatia

orbán viktor
September 16, 2022 14:51

EP resolution on Hungarian democracy is a "boring joke" - Orbán

PM addresses EU sanctions policy too

ep parlament
September 15, 2022 13:15

European Parliament says Hungary can no longer be considered a full democracy

MEPs adopt report with huge majority

euro penz draga inflacio
July 05, 2022 14:48

MEPs approve Croatia's Eurozone entry

Szeptembertől kunában és euróban is ki kell majd írni.

Dugo autohasznalat klimavedelem
June 23, 2022 09:10

MEPs vote to charge private buildings and car use for climate protection

Hungary has been objecting this for years but changes remain possible

May 23, 2022 08:16

European Parliament VP would leave Hungary out of oil the embargo

The proposal, surprising at first sight, is not so different from the Hungarian demand

May 20, 2022 08:35

All EU sanctions against Russia must apply to Belarus, MEPs say

For supporting Russia's war in Ukraine

eu lengyel eu justitia jog
May 19, 2022 16:38

MEPs critical of Commission for not being stern enough on rule of law issues

Call for broader scope and more in-depth assessment

May 19, 2022 15:33

MEPs push for quick adoption of global minimum corporate tax rate

Proposal adopted with large majority

eu európai unió brüsszel
April 05, 2022 08:34

EU Commissioner says rule of law mechanism could be triggered against Hungary

Over suspected corruption and public procurement problems

Paks II. godor helyszin
March 01, 2022 18:45

Hungary Fidesz MEPs back EP resolution that would kill Paks 2 project

Significance unclear at this point

November 25, 2021 09:05

EU to ‘vaccinate the world’ to combat pandemic

By mid-2022, Commissioner Kyriakides says

sebességmérés zéró tolerancia
October 06, 2021 13:35

European Parliament backs 30 km/h speed limit in all residential areas

And zero-tolerance for DUI

uj Ursula von der Leyen EP helyreallitasi terv 2109151
September 16, 2021 10:06

EC President: rule of law proceedings to begin, recovery plans at risk

Ursula von der Leyen sends strong message in State of the Union speech