Label: "immunity certificate"

oltás szőke nő
January 21, 2022 08:34

Hungary to introduce vaccination certificate as of 15 February

Changes affecting immunity card holders published in Hungarian Gazette

védettségi igazolvány pénztárca
January 13, 2022 21:58

Millions of Hungarians to lose validity of their Immunity Certificates

As of 15 February

park pad üres kijaras koronavirus
October 28, 2021 09:08

Further 6,000 COVID fatalities expected in Hungary this year

Unless measures are tightened

forradalom szabadságharc október 23 ünnep korlátozás 1956
October 21, 2021 09:18

Hungary eases virus defence rules for national, church holiday celebrations

Attendance not limited by immune status

tűzijáték augusztus 20. koronavírus járvány
August 03, 2021 16:47

Hungary’s 20 August celebrations to be open to everyone without restrictions

Four-day festival to culminate in ‘biggest fireworks in Europe’

étterem koronavírus járvány lazítás korlátozó intézkedés
July 15, 2021 15:10

Hungary awaits Delta variant completely ‘at ease’

Stringency index halves in a few weeks

koronavírus korlátozás feloldás nyitás rendelet étterem
July 01, 2021 09:09

Hungary to wave goodbye to masks, immunity cards

Decree published in Official Gazette

gulyás gergely parlament
June 24, 2021 10:42

Hungary to abandon masks at 5.5 mn vaccinations

No immunity certificate required in restaurants, hotels

oltás vakcina
May 28, 2021 08:48

30,000 Hungarians skip second dose of COVID vaccine

Sacrificing stronger protection, immunity card

mobilbank mobiltelefon laptop digitális
May 12, 2021 16:44

Hungary to introduce mobile vaccine certification app

Simplifying the verification process

koronavírus vakcina védettség igazolvány szputnyik
May 03, 2021 11:33

The list of benefits for those immune to COVID is now complete

For holders of immunity certificates, to be more precise

April 26, 2021 10:22

Hungary to ease further this week

Later curfew, longer opening hours, extra perks for the immune

Ursula von der Leyen
March 17, 2021 16:51

EU proposes vaccination certificate - What about Hungarians who got Russian and Chinese shots?

Commission proposes Digital Green Certificate

koronavírus korlátozás nyitás újraindítás
March 17, 2021 15:30

Hungary is to present re-opening plan shortly - leak

After national consultation is over

vakcina oltás járvány
February 28, 2021 17:21

Hungary scraps type of COVID-19 vaccine from certificates

New secrecy may be problematic later on