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koronavirus korhaz
December 03, 2021 17:02

Hungarian Medical Chamber drops info morsel on vaccination status of Covid patients in ICUs

The government remains hush-hush on the matter

lélegeztetőgép beteg kórház covid koronavírus
December 01, 2021 00:18

Hungary Coronavirus Task Force renders key data practically useless

By a 'simple' change in reporting protocol

October 13, 2021 11:11

One in six COVID patients in ICUs vaccinated, Zacher says

Medical profession left in the dark for lack of official data

koronavírus járvány kórház egészségügy
April 30, 2021 16:30

Hungary's promising COVID-19 numbers vs. hospital statistics

Let's take a deeper look at the numbers

koronavírus intenzív járvány kórház
April 21, 2020 16:49

COVID-19 in Hungary: this is why the government is bracing for the worst

But there is another way, and a less painful one for that matter.