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Bulgaria Neftohim olajfinomito Lukoil
October 19, 2023 15:12

Lukoil under Bulgarian fire refutes speculation on intention to sell refinery

Issue linked to transit fee on Russian gas

üzemanyaghiány benzinárstop
December 06, 2022 08:48

Fuel shortages in Hungary: according to Mol, panic buying has started

The company has written a letter

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi százhalombatta
December 01, 2022 08:24

Restoring Mol refinery to full capacity suffers further delay in Hungary

Fate of fuel price cap hangs in the balance

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi
November 30, 2022 11:27

Petrol chaos in Hungary: good news on one of the main problems

With regards to the maintenance process at Mol's Százhalombatta refinery

Irdatlan mennyiségű üzemanyagot loptak el a Shelltől
August 19, 2022 16:25

More bad news: fuel shortages could worsen

Largest Germany refinery had to cut output

Hernadi Zsolt Mol uzemanyag1
July 11, 2022 09:01

Hungary Mol chief says this is an extremely dangerous time on the fuels market

A stern warning from Zsolt Hernádi

July 08, 2022 10:55

OMV expects Schwechat refinery to be back in business in Q3

Only in the second half, though

HZS_portré foto
April 12, 2022 16:54

What would happen to Hungary's Mol if Russian oil stopped flowing?

It is difficult to find a replacement for Urals

sisak mol ina finomító olaj ipar
December 29, 2020 17:23

Hungary’s Mol assessing damages to Croatian plant after earthquake

Sisak refinery close to epicentre

mol olajipar
December 13, 2019 08:12

Hungary's Mol nods on Rijeka refinery upgrade, USD 600 million project to start

Croatian government also approves

Hungary Mol has good news about its refineries
April 02, 2019 14:10

Hungary Mol has good news about its refineries

Group refinery margin rises further.

April 06, 2017 09:30

Hungarian Mol's Slovak refinery to start scheduled turnaround in April

Production to be partially shut down for about two months.

INA buyback talks sink into chaos in Croatia
January 19, 2017 14:01

INA buyback talks sink into chaos in Croatia

Zagreb sets up special body to tackle buyout.

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