Label: "strike"

mercedes koronavírus
March 14, 2024 09:59

Warning strike held at Hungarian Mercedes plant

They want a bigger pay rise

January 24, 2024 09:20

Coach drivers may go on strike in Hungary again

No agreement on wage talks

January 18, 2024 08:34

Bus drivers reject Lázár's wage offer, prepare for a national strike

Trade union deems the wage offer insufficient

January 03, 2024 14:52

Hungarian gov't promises big pay rise also for vocational training workers

The principal is to raise as much as for teachers

Volánbusz esztergom
December 29, 2023 10:20

Another bus driver strike may come at the end of January

There is still no agreement on next year's wage increases

November 22, 2023 15:47

Hungarian teachers make new strike demands

Want 50% pay rise

iskola tanár oktatás tábla tanító ideges
July 04, 2023 12:44

Hungarian MPs adopt 'status law' despite looming mass exodus of teachers

With protesters outside Parliament

pedagógus tanár osztály üres terem iskola
June 19, 2023 16:15

Hungarian teachers' strike committee convenes, expands list of demands

In response to status law debate by MPs

arconic kofem
June 13, 2023 08:18

Strike at Hungarian rolling mill ends

Workers get one-off wage supplement

February 20, 2023 10:36

Hungarian health workers to start strike negotiations

They consider the wage increase delay to be unacceptable

February 20, 2023 08:30

Teacher shortage is one thing, Hungary public education lacks 14,000 school staff too

And that's the lowest estimate

pedagogus sztrajk-9
January 13, 2023 16:50

Hungary teacher unions to strike together

See victory in latest government decree on layoff rules

pedagogustuntetes sztrajk
January 13, 2023 09:06

Hungary Interior Ministry amends regulation tailored to teachers' civil disobedience

They can be sacked no on a moment's notice

pdsz oktatás szakszervezet
January 09, 2023 08:35

Hungarian teachers brace for week-long strike

From 23 January

tanár pedagógus tüntetés sztrájk
January 06, 2023 09:45

Hungarian teachers want gov't to scrap evaluation plan at once

Union issues statement

iskola pad oktatás
December 08, 2022 10:30

Student protests and a special teachers' strike day in Hungary today

Police prevented occupation of major Budapest square by students.

tanár pedagógus tüntetés sztrájk
December 05, 2022 08:55

European Commission inquires about Hungarian teachers' dismissals from the Teachers' Union

The demonstrations are set to continue this week as well

December 02, 2022 12:00

Students block school entrance, teachers on strike in Hungary

In protest of new layoffs