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ukrajna háború
March 16, 2022 16:50

15-point peace deal drafted to end Russia-Ukraine war

Ceasefire, withdrawal, neturality

putyin shutter
March 11, 2022 15:40

Putin: There are "positive shifts" in Russia-Ukraine talks

Meets Belarusian President

Vegetáriánus csirkepótlós rántott izékkel kísérletezik a KFC
March 10, 2022 17:27

Putin backs expropriating foreign firms exiting Russia

"We should act decisively", he says

orbán viktor operatív törzs ukrán orosz háború orosz
March 07, 2022 13:42

Orbán adamant no arms shipments to Ukraine will pass through Hungary

PM say it is a conern that military actions are moving ever closer to the border

Putyin szerint Romániából és Lengyelországból érkezhet az újabb fenyegetés
March 06, 2022 23:50

Putin declares war on media, Moody's cuts Russia's ratings, firms keep pausing ops

Russia-Ukraine war: Key developments on the weekend

March 04, 2022 16:30

Putin seems unaware of origin of Western sanctions

Envisions Russia winning from mass pull-out

March 04, 2022 14:45

Putin says Russia will even benefit from foreign partners pulling out

List of companies abandoning Russia expands by the day

March 03, 2022 18:05

The worst is yet to come, Macron believes after Putin call

French President worried, Zelensky says Ukraine might not be enough for Putin

March 02, 2022 16:24

Russian Foreign Minister talks about third world war, involving nuclear weapons

Lavrov once again accuses Ukraine of intention to obtain nuclear weapons

orosz-ukran haboru jarmu kar
March 02, 2022 15:30

Russia's war on Ukraine to get more brutal, latest intelligence update out

UK Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace paints grim future

kreml oroszország moszkva
March 02, 2022 09:00

Putin caps Russian cash exports at USD 10,000

Amidst fears of financial system collapse

befektetés tőzsde chart getty stock
February 28, 2022 23:55

MSCI: Russian stock market "uninvestable" after grim new Western sanctions

Removing Russia from indexes "natural next step"

Putyin szerint Romániából és Lengyelországból érkezhet az újabb fenyegetés
February 28, 2022 23:39

Putin lays out demands for stopping offensive in Ukraine

Converses with French President Macron for 90 minutes

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February 27, 2022 20:26

Putin orders Russian nuclear deterrent forces put on alert

West comes up with new package of tougher sanctions

vlagyimir putyin
February 25, 2022 17:03

Putin holds surreal speech on war on Ukraine

As if he was living in an alternate reality

February 25, 2022 14:15

EU moves to freeze Putin and Lavrov's European assets

In scope of a more serious sanctions package

vlagyimir putyin
February 24, 2022 11:01

Putin reveals reason for attacking Ukraine to Lukashenko

Highlights a single cause