Label: "war"

orosz btr
February 24, 2022 13:46

Russia-Ukraine war: Ukrainians take up arms after initial shock, fight on mainland getting rough

Fierce clashes raging around several major cities

February 24, 2022 12:30

Belarusian President claims two NATO countries planned to "attack Russia in the back"

Lukashenko fuels already high tensions

Vlagyimir Putyin Oroszország NATO Ukrajna
February 24, 2022 11:47

NATO steps up defensive forces as response to Russia attacking Ukraine

On land, sea and in the air

February 24, 2022 11:28

Ukrainian stock exchange closes, hryvnia gets fixed

FX market operation limited

vlagyimir putyin
February 24, 2022 11:01

Putin reveals reason for attacking Ukraine to Lukashenko

Highlights a single cause

ursula von der leyen
February 24, 2022 09:39

EU clenches fist over Ukraine invasion, massive sanctions to befell Moscow

President Ursula von der Leyen addresses war situation

szijjarto peter orosz-ukran konfliktus
February 24, 2022 09:19

Hungary stands with Ukraine, says Foreign Minister Szijjártó

Hungary stands up for territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ukraine

February 24, 2022 09:17

Map of Ukrainian targets hit in Russian attack

Shocking map published on Twitter

February 24, 2022 09:05

Wizz Air halts Ukrainian operations as Russia attacks

Western world condemns Moscow's military aggression

Ursula von der Leyen Charles Michel kozos nyilatkozat
February 24, 2022 08:50

EU to outline further sanctions on Russia for "military aggression" against Ukraine

Olaf Scholz, Mateusz Morawieczki sharply condemn attack

February 24, 2022 08:37

Russia starts invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine declares martial law, West condemns violence

February 23, 2022 17:11

Ukraine imposes state of emergency

Martial law, general mobilisation not on the agenda yet

brusszel europai unio
February 23, 2022 13:47

EU sanctions against Russia locked and loaded, could enter into force shortly

Punishment is not overly painful yet, but harder strikes could follow

antonio guterres
February 23, 2022 09:10

UN chief says Russia-Ukraine crisis testing "entire international system"

World facing the biggest global peace and security crisis in recent years

orosz harckocsik ukrajna
February 22, 2022 14:09

Russia unexpectedly shelves a casus belli in conflict with Ukraine

Some good news at last?

putyin katonák
February 22, 2022 12:12

Three reasons why Putin may consider storming the whole of Ukraine

Made quite a few stark statements

orbán viktor facebook
February 22, 2022 08:44

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Viktor Orbán convenes National Security Cabinet

Russian troops enter Ukraine

EU csucs Merkel Oroszorszag 210624
February 11, 2022 13:40

Hungary, Austria most reluctant to impose painful sanctions on Russia

Secret list of sanctions readied for quick adoption within hours of possible attack of Ukraine

izreal nagykövet yacov hadas-handelsman
June 03, 2021 06:15

Israeli Ambassador to Hungary: If it was only up to Israel there could be peace tomorrow

Interview with Yacov Hadas-Handelsman

October 29, 2019 10:54

Hungary central bank chief envisions 'global war' until 2030

Hungary could still come out unscathed according to Matolcsy