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October 02, 2023 14:32

EU foreign ministers gather in Kyiv, Hungary sends deputy state secretary

23 of 27 member states represented

otp bank
October 02, 2023 10:05

Ukrainian anti-corruption agency temporarily removes OTP from the blacklist

However, the Hungarian government wants a definite removal

lengyel katona ukrajna lengyelország
September 21, 2023 12:14

Warsaw says will honour previous arms supply deal with Ukraine

That was a quick about-face

lengyel fegyverek ukrajna drasztikus döntés
September 21, 2023 09:29

Poland stops arms shipments to Ukraine

Kyiv loses one of its closest allies

szijjarto péter és josep borrell
September 19, 2023 11:29

Hungarian MoFA Szijjártó might be 'forced' to visit Ukraine

EU foreign ministers to meet in Kyiv in October - Borrell

September 15, 2023 11:35

Self-centered liberals don't want to give children to the nation - Orbán

Multinational chains are also behind rising consumer prices, the PM says

September 13, 2023 16:49

Hungary approves extension of sanctions against Russia

Four persons scrapped from blacklist, though

Vlagyimir Putyin, orosz elnök
September 12, 2023 10:38

Putin says Moscow had made a mistake when crushed protests in Hungary, Czechoslovakia

Sending Soviet tanks into Hungary and Czechoslovakia was a mistake

nagy márton
September 12, 2023 09:45

Hungary can be the saviour of Europe's industry - minister

Márton Nagy: Germany is bed-ridden, but we're holding our ground

menekült vonaton utazik záhonynál
September 06, 2023 09:56

A harsh reality: 3.3 million Ukrainian refugees may never return home

And this number may still rise

ursula von der leyen
September 04, 2023 11:45

Hungary becomes protagonist in European Commission power play

Viktor Orbán's cabinet could escalate dispute over EU funds

August 30, 2023 12:03

Ukraine cannot beat Russia, World War III could be knocking at our door - Hungarian PM

Viktor Orbán says Trump would end war

Szép csendben visszaszivárog a vasárnapi zárvatartás?
August 25, 2023 10:15

Russian exit becoming increasingly difficult for foreign companies

Moscow demands bigger discounts

Megszünteti a sárga csekkek befizetését az OTP a fiókjaiban
August 21, 2023 16:54

Hungary's OTP may be taken off of Ukraine's 'blacklist'

Under two conditions

August 18, 2023 09:24

Hungary's Orbán names three key current tasks

Interview after dim GDP data

repowereu, rrf, next generation EU, eu, helyreállítási alap
August 16, 2023 17:31

EU nods on Hungarian state aid for new battery plants

Cabinet may theoretically support other green transition areas too

August 10, 2023 15:55

Wartime repercussion: deposits held in Ukrainian banks up 55%

Ukrainian deposit insurance experience also strengthens financial stability in Europe

July 20, 2023 15:30

Hungary to buy Hero kamikaze drones

From Rheinmetall in the three-digit million euro range

orbán viktor miniszterelnök kormányfő
July 14, 2023 10:01

Orbán talks migration, inflation target, waste management in his weekly interview

Not much of substance apart from the well-known talking points

szijjártó murasko
July 05, 2023 13:30

Cooperation with Russia must continue, says Hungary's Foreign Minister

There is still room for cooperation in non-restricted sectors