State-owned Hungarian companies have 2,500 unfilled jobs

Distance coach company Volán, state railways MÁV, postal service Magyar Posta and Budapest public transport company BKV are looking for some 2,500 employees combined, Népszava reported citing information from the companies involved. MAgyar Posta has nearly 250 vacancies, MÁV has more than 1,000, Volán companies have 900 combined, while BKV is looking to hire 150 to 200 workers.
State-owned Hungarian companies have 2,500 unfilled jobs
On paper, Magyar Posta has made the most progress since 2017 as it now has less than 1% of jobs unfilled. Compared to a headcount of 30,000, the postal service's website is currently only offering 244 jobs, down from 700 a year earlier. The company is looking for mail carriers, package processors and drivers, with many of the jobs in the 4 to 6 hour range.

Magyar Posta has made several wage hikes in the past three years, for a total of 40.4%, and it is also offering various benefits for taking night shifts or handling money. More than half of employees received wage increases of 10% or more this year, the company said. Mail carriers are paid about HUF 210,000 gross a month.

The Communications Directorate of state railways MÁV reported a 2.5 to 3% vacancy rate nationwide, adding that this figure does not include those on long-term sick leaves. However, János Meleg, head of the Railway Workers' Union, said earlier this year citing an internal survey that long-term leaves account for nearly 35% of the labour shortage, and the railway group, which employs 40,000 people, must somehow make up for their missing work as well. MÁV is looking chiefly for switchmen, cashiers, conductors, mechanics, technicians and engineers.

Long-distance coach operator Volánbusz Zrt has around 5% of jobs unfilled at present, the company said, adding that this should not affect its performance thanks to ongoing recruiting. Volán is looking to hire bus drivers and maintenance personnel.

BKV Zrt. sees the current 1.5 to 2% vacancy rate as manageable, although it is looking for repair, maintenance and infrastructure personnel as well as drivers and engineers. According to BKV, replacing drivers is the hardest. A beginning driver is paid a net wage of around HUF 200,000 a month.

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