Label: "COVID-19"

March 05, 2021 16:32

Hungary Orbán vaccination forecasts draw up possible re-opening dates

When will herd immunity be reached?

March 05, 2021 13:05

Weekend vaccination campaign called off in Hungary

Circumstances, future not entirely clear, though

kórházi ágy egészségügy korhaz
March 05, 2021 12:30

Virus measures in Hungary could be eased in May

Lockdown required to prevent sharp rise in infections, Merkely says

orvos kórház egészségügy doktor
March 05, 2021 09:56

Hungary daily COVID fatalities could reach 400 at peak of third wave

Based on PM’s ‘up to 20,000 patients’ forecast

koronavirus elrejelzes
March 05, 2021 08:30

COVID-19 in Hungary: 6,369 new cases, 143 dead

All indicators near record high

vakcina oltatás oltás
March 05, 2021 08:02

Hungarians more willing to get vaccinated

66% have, would or maybe would

koronavirus lezárás magyarország
March 04, 2021 16:55

Hungary PM Orbán to announce lockdown details possibly new measures on Friday

All ears on morning radio interview

March 04, 2021 11:41

Hungary goes into lockdown due to rampant pandemic

Drastic measurs to curb the spread of coronavirus

vakcina oltás oltatás koronavírus
March 04, 2021 11:07

EMA starts rolling review of Russia's COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V

50 million doses available from June following approval

gyerekek programoznak iskola számítógép
March 04, 2021 10:38

Coronavirus hits primary schools in Hungary

Nearly 30% now at least partly affected

March 04, 2021 10:15

Hungary gov't to order full lockdown up to Easter - news portal

Over nasty pandemic stats

koronavírus covid-19
March 04, 2021 09:25

COVID-19 in Hungary: 6,278 new cases, 152 dead

Virus statistics near last year’s peaks

koronavírus járvány sejt
March 04, 2021 08:57

Third wave of coronavirus pandemic may peak late March

Provided vaccines work and are taken, expert warns

March 03, 2021 15:59

Rector of Hungarian medical uni urges further restrictions to tame pandemic

This is no time to let up lockdown measures, says Merkely

parlament magyarország budapest
March 03, 2021 14:50

Hungary opens borders to more nations amidst rampant pandemic

Four new countries on the list

kórházi ágy egészségügy
March 03, 2021 09:27

COVID-19 in Hungary: 4,211 new cases, 136 dead on Tuesday

All indicators on the rise as third wave hits

koronavirus intenziv osztaly lelegezteto
March 03, 2021 09:01

Hungary ICU admits increasingly younger COVID-19 patiens in increasingly severe condition

Intensive care physician mentions shockingly high figure

vakcina oltás védőoltás koronavírus kínai Sinopharm
March 02, 2021 13:45

Hungary is in a race against time, South African coronavirus variant in the country

Operational Corps holds press briefing

antigén koronavírus gyorsteszt
March 02, 2021 10:40

COVID-19 in Hungary: 2,764 new cases, 130 fatalities on Monday

Number of people in hospital up by 400

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