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January 23, 2024 11:32

Has Hungary also given in on NATO enlargement? - Swedish PM invited to Budapest

Sovereignty at its best, in the footsteps of Türkiye

January 12, 2024 08:13

U.S. slams Hungary over Ukraine policy

And over stance on Sweden's NATO accession

December 27, 2023 08:06

Turkish Parliament's foreign affairs committee clears Sweden's accession to NATO

End of ratification process not in sight yet, though

nato zászló getty stock
December 13, 2023 08:32

Hungarian gov't may decide on Swedish NATO membership before the Turks

According to certain politicians' promises, we are not waiting for the Turks this time

amerikai szenátus
December 11, 2023 13:15

Washington is putting pressure on Hungarian government via Senate resolution

Budapest urged to ratify Sweden's accession to NATO at last

December 06, 2023 09:40

U.S. Ambassador slams Hungary over various issues

Pressman thinks Budapest ignores NATO interests

November 27, 2023 15:55

Erdoğan to visit Hungary again

Coming for a 100th anniversary in mid-December

recep tayyip erdogan török elnök nato
November 23, 2023 08:22

Türkiye drags out ratification of Sweden's NATO membership

Further talks are necessary

November 17, 2023 09:28

Türkiye puts off parliamentary vote on Sweden's NATO membership

Erdoğan says Stockholm has not taken enough action on Kurdish militants

David Pressman amerikai nagykövet
November 17, 2023 08:17

Washington concerned about Hungary's "sovereignty protection bill" - U.S. Ambassador

David Pressman also talks about Sweden's pending NATO accession

jens stoltenberg nato
November 09, 2023 08:58

NATO Secretary General calls on Hungary to approve Sweden's accession

Jens Stoltenberg and President Katalin Novák also discussed the rights of minorities in Ukraine and Hungarian-Russian relations

parlament országház budapest nap getty stock
November 02, 2023 14:28

Hungary keeps Sweden's NATO accession off of Parliament's agenda

Gov't finds reason to extend state of danger to mid-2024

erdogan elnök
October 24, 2023 08:17

Erdoğan takes Sweden's bid for NATO membership to parliament for ratification

Once MPs clear the bill, it's Hungary's turn

Orbán Putyin Peking 2023 október
October 19, 2023 16:31

Ambassadors of NATO member states summoned over Hungary

They are concerned about the close Hungarian-Russian relations

orbán viktor
September 25, 2023 15:19

Decoupling from Russian energy is against Hungary's interests - Orbán

PM addresses Parliament at opening of autumn session

Kristersson NATO
September 18, 2023 16:39

Budapest wants Stockholm to go to Canossa - gov't source

What a fascinating / humiliating NATO enlargement story!