Label: "Ursula von der Leyen"

January 08, 2021 11:58

EU orders another 300 mn doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Commission proposes to purchase BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine

Ursula von der Leyen europai bizottsag jogallamisag 201125
November 25, 2020 16:50

Commission President urges Budapest, Warsaw to end EU budget blockade

She suggests turning to the European Court of Justice

vakcina oltás járvány
November 16, 2020 21:05

COVID-19: EU to contract with another vaccine producer

To buy 450 million doses

Ursula von der Leyen europai bizottsag vakcina pfizer biontech oltoanyag beszerzes magyarorszag 2011089
November 10, 2020 08:45

EU to sign with Pfizer on new promising vaccine candidate - von der Leyen

Plans to buy up to 300 million doses

európai uniós zászló európai bizottság
October 28, 2020 17:03

Commission proposes adequate minimum wages for EU

To ensure decent living wherever people work

October 28, 2020 15:30

COVID-19 vaccines delivery could start next April, says EU's von der Leyen

At least six more months to wait

brusszel europai unio
October 15, 2020 14:51

COVID-19: All EU Member States will have access to vaccines at the same time

And on the basis of population size

vera jourova europai bizottsag magyarorszag orban viktor lemondas felszolit
September 29, 2020 13:52

EC Presidents stands by commissioner Hungary wants to resign

Rule of law report to be unveiled on Wednesday

Orban Viktor keshegyre meno vitak unios tamogatas 200703
September 24, 2020 08:35

Hungary's Orbán to discuss migration and asylum plans with EC President

Polish and Czech premiers to attend too

Varga Judit interjú
September 17, 2020 09:29

Hungary Justice Minister reacts to Ursula von der Leyen address

EU funds are not donations, says Varga

eles fordulat feheroroszoknal leverik tunteteseket200819
August 19, 2020 17:25

EU rejects Belarus election results, vows sanctions

Lukashenko, Russian officials decry EU "interference"

Orban Viktor ursula von der Leyen jogallamisag unios tamogatasok szankcio200722
July 23, 2020 10:15

Link between rule of law and EU fund disbursement is no blunt sword - von der Leyen

Veto by Hungary, Poland will not be enough to disarm

Ursula von der Leyen Angela Merkel Emmanuel Macron globalis adomanyozoi konferencia koronavirus Portfolio velemenycikk 200503
May 03, 2020 11:30

EU top officials, Prime Ministers ask for help in fight against coronavirus

Coronavirus Global Response pledging marathon starts on Monday

Ursula von der Leyen europai Bizottsag velemenycikk koronavirus valsagkezeles
April 05, 2020 11:10

Europe was partly blindsided by unknown enemy, but it is now standing tall together

Exclusive oped by European Commission President on European solidarity

European parliament building, Brussels, Belgium
April 03, 2020 11:06

COVID 19: European Commission proposes EUR 100 bn solidarity instrument

To help businesses stay afloat and the economy running

Megszavazta a vízumkényszert Amerikával szemben az Európai Parlament
April 03, 2020 10:28

European Parliament to work on contingency plan

May look into Article 7 procedure against Hungary in April session

Ursula von der Leyen velemeny cikk digitalis atallas europai bizottsag 200219
March 31, 2020 16:08

Commission President issues warning over Hungary's Coronavirus Act

Lack of sunset clause, possible curbing of media independence are problems

March 22, 2020 13:54

Ursula von der Leyen addresses chaos at Hungarian border

This must be sorted out immediately!

von der leyen európai bizottság koronavírus
March 20, 2020 23:29

Commission lifts budget deficit rule to help economies cope with COVID-19 impact

Spending no longer constrained

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