Label: "arms"

February 02, 2024 09:27

Orbán says he "went to the wall" and so Hungary's money will not end up in Ukraine

We don't need Ukraine's kosher seal of approval

brusszel europai unio
January 30, 2024 10:12

Politico: Hungary would contribute to Ukraine's EU support in a special way

The Germans' request would also be granted in Brussels

szijjarto kkm
July 04, 2023 15:35

Hungary will keep blocking EU arms support for Ukraine until OTP is removed from 'blacklist'

Foreign Minister states in connection with arms deliveries

szijjarto péter
June 26, 2023 14:45

Hungary vetoes support for Ukraine in the end

Council agrees on funding via European Peace Facility

hadipar uniós fegyvergyártás védelmi ipar
May 03, 2023 09:32

EU embarks on unprecedented arms programme

The funding would be partly provided by tapping the RRF

Európai Unió-Ukrajna, ukrán EU-csatlakozás.
March 02, 2023 10:47

EU defuses Hungarian weapon of veto over war

They would bypass the government's bungling by around €1 billion

f-16 vadászgép vadászbombázó
February 16, 2023 16:15

European Parliament says it's time to supply Ukraine with fighter jets, helicopters

No specific pledge on the table yet, though

Szijjártó Brüsszel
January 23, 2023 15:15

EU foreign ministers nod on military supply for Ukraine, Hungary does not veto

Hungary MoFA says country does not block arms shipments for Ukraine

January 20, 2023 15:08

Europe ready to provide heavy tanks to Ukraine - Borrell

EU chief diplomat says Ukraine needs combat arms and heavy tanks

January 20, 2023 10:10

Hungary crosses Ukraine again with another EU veto

The government blocks the seventh arms purchase grant

orbán viktor
March 25, 2022 17:03

Hungary Orbán turns down Zelensky's demand for weapons, sanctions

PM argues measures are against Hungary's interests

March 25, 2022 08:40

Ukrainian President Zelensky asks Hungary's Orbán to stop straddling the fence

"Viktor, go and look at the shoes on the bank of the River Danube!"

kreml moszkva oroszország
March 18, 2022 12:20

Moscow will prevent arms shipments from reaching Kyiv - Lavrov

Russia will not allow transfer of S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine

klimamegallapodas eu csucs brusszel 201011
March 09, 2022 15:30

EU summit seen taking major decisions on Thursday, Friday

Invitation to meeting reveals agenda

March 07, 2022 14:28

Hungary's Orbán signs decree allowing deployment of NATO troops in western Hungary

Arms shipments to Ukraine remain a no go