European Parliament says it's time to supply Ukraine with fighter jets, helicopters

MEPs have on Thursday called for serious consideration to be given to delivering fighter jets, helicopters, appropriate missile systems and a substantial increase in munitions to Ukraine.
f-16 vadászgép vadászbombázó

The resolution adopted by 444 votes in favour, 26 against with 37 abstentions, MEPs reaffirm their support for providing military assistance to Ukraine for as long as is necessary and call for serious consideration to be given to delivering Western fighter jets and helicopters, appropriate missile systems and substantial increases in munitions delivery to Kyiv.

Ukraine must not only be able to defend itself, but also to regain full control of its entire internationally recognised territory,

they said.

The resolution calls on EU member states to adopt their tenth sanctions package against Russia and its allies by the end of February and to substantially broaden its scope. It also urges the EU, the member states and their allies to make the sanctions already in place more effective, and to take urgent steps to block any attempt to circumvent these restrictive measures.

Looking ahead, MEPs demand that the legal regime - which allows for Russian assets frozen by the EU to be confiscated - be completed.  

These assets should then be used to reconstruct the country and to compensate the victims of the war.

They also underline that, once the war ends, Russia will have to be subject to severe reparations to contribute substantially to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Parliament further underlines that the Russian war of aggression has fundamentally changed the geopolitical situation in Europe, “which necessitates bold, brave and comprehensive political, security and financial decisions by the EU”.

In this context, MEPs reiterate their support for the European Council’s decision to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine last summer. They also call on Ukraine, the Commission and the Council to work towards the start of accession negotiations this year, while stressing that EU accession also remains a merit-based process with respect for relevant procedures and conditional criteria.

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