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October 16, 2023 12:36

Surprising data: SUVs bigger polluters than average 10-year-old petrol-fuelled cars

The richer you are, the more you pollute the environment

Az állami pénzből megvalósult kutatásokat is reklámozni kell
July 06, 2023 09:43

Even the UK, out of the EU, gets into the EU research programme ahead of Hungary

UK is set to join the Horizon research programme even after Brexit

May 31, 2023 08:29

More and more Hungarians are leaving their homeland

These are the most popular destinations

April 18, 2023 08:30

UK, Hungary and Poland to veto Von der Leyen's NATO appointment

Another month, another Hungarian veto in the talks

February 14, 2023 11:07

Ford to axe nearly 4,000 jobs in Europe

Blames rising costs, need to switch to EV manufacturing

aratás, búza,gabona
December 07, 2022 15:57

France and Germany secretly lobby for easing sanctions on Russia

Significant concessions would be made to Russian food exports by Europe's major powers

amerikai dollár
November 24, 2022 15:50

Billions flying around - a panorama of windfall taxes on European energy companies

Together with Hungary, 6 European countries have already introduced an extra profit tax.

September 09, 2022 08:47

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, dies aged 96

Son to succeed her on the throne as King Charles III

March 07, 2022 09:55

Intelligence report: Russia targeting Ukraine's communications infrastructure

Internet access is highly likely being disrupted

February 28, 2022 08:29

Ukrainian President Zelensky warns next 24 hours 'a crucial period'

Spoke with UK PM Johnson on the phone

koronavírus vakcina oltás oltakozás oltatás
February 04, 2022 16:30

Risk of COVID-19 death is 93% lower after three jabs than after no shots

People with three doses of COVID-19 vaccine vs. unvaccinated

August 13, 2021 16:10

Cryptocurrencies, ESG, digital UX - What are the hottest Wealthtech trends in Hungary?

Interview with Róbert Kő and Bálint Fischer

nagy britannia buckingham palota
March 31, 2021 16:35

Hungary switches 'virus labs'? Re-opening scenarios need to be revisited

Focus should be on the United Kingdom

paul fox
January 25, 2021 15:05

It was clear that a lot would change after Brexit and Hungarians would also be affected by it

Portfolio interview with UK Ambassador to Hungary

December 22, 2020 16:33

EU advises against blanket travel bans for UK passengers

But it discourages non-essential travel between EU and UK

budapest repülőtér ferihegy
December 22, 2020 11:10

Civilian aircraft from the UK banned from Hungary for 1.5 months

Government decree published

operatív törzs
December 21, 2020 13:32

Hungary closes airport to flights from UK over new strain scare

Operational Corps holds press briefing

London Tower bridge
June 19, 2020 10:17

It's now certain that more than 100,000 Hungarians live in the UK

Another 2,300 of them applied for permanent residency in May

January 17, 2020 10:00

Hungarian rush would not abate - 80,000 secure themselves against Brexit

More and more expats apply for EU Settlement Scheme

December 18, 2019 09:34

Chaotic statistics: 11,000 more Hungarians are "found" in the UK

Difficult to stay afloat in the sea of data