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November 18, 2020 13:02

COVID-19: Most Hungarians would not vaccinate, survey shows

Only every sixth of them would want it

vakcina oltás járvány
November 16, 2020 21:05

COVID-19: EU to contract with another vaccine producer

To buy 450 million doses

koronavírus maszk getty stock
November 13, 2020 16:40

Renowned immunologist: actual number of COVID-19 cases ten times the official in Hungary

Vaccine should not be expected before May

orvos kórház egészségügy
November 13, 2020 11:09

COVID pandemic expected to plateau in Hungary in early to mid-December

Healthcare system expected to cope

vakcina koronavírus
November 12, 2020 10:55

COVID-19: EU vaccination campaign could start in Q1 2021

Under a best-case scenario

November 11, 2020 14:08

Commission green-lights contract with BioNTech-Pfizer for potential vaccine access

Deal to purchase up to 300 million doses

November 10, 2020 21:50

COVID-19: Hungary's Orbán announces compulsory mask-wearing on the streets too

He estimates vaccine arrival for April

Ursula von der Leyen europai bizottsag vakcina pfizer biontech oltoanyag beszerzes magyarorszag 2011089
November 10, 2020 08:45

EU to sign with Pfizer on new promising vaccine candidate - von der Leyen

Plans to buy up to 300 million doses

gulyás gergely parlament koronavírus járvány
November 03, 2020 09:10

Hungary to implement further virus defence measures this week

Schools to remain open as country must be kept running

schanda tamas operativ torzs bejelentesek201030
October 30, 2020 13:52

Hungary to take firmer stance against rumours, scare-mongering

No profiteering allowed on testing

October 28, 2020 15:30

COVID-19 vaccines delivery could start next April, says EU's von der Leyen

At least six more months to wait

európai bizottság_getty_stock
October 27, 2020 19:15

EU warns not enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone in 2021

Urges governments to devise vaccination plans

Orban Viktor MR1 Kossuth Radio interu2005
October 09, 2020 09:29

Orbán: corruption is greater in Austria and Germany than in Hungary

Expects COVID-19 vaccine by summer of 2021

orbán viktor mti
October 05, 2020 11:03

“We’ve had enough of the virus,” Hungary PM says

Doctors’ salaries to be nearly doubled

doktor korona kórház
September 15, 2020 16:31

Virology professor says influenza and coronavirus could be tamed at once

If everyone respected the protective measures

jakab ferenc virologus magyar koronavirus vakcina
September 10, 2020 09:10

Hungarian virologist says usable COVID-19 vaccine unlikely before end of 2020

Mass production may start in Q1 2021 at the earliest

vakcina oltás
September 09, 2020 14:30

Commission completes COVID-19 vaccine portfolio

Concludes talks with sixth manufacturer

August 27, 2020 14:26

EU, AstraZeneca sign deal on COVID-19 vaccine

British drugmaker to supply 300 mn doses

vakcina oltás járvány
August 18, 2020 14:43

COVID-19: Expert estimates date of vaccine arrival in Hungary

Regulatory process must be completed for safe vaccine

Gulyás Gergely kormányinfó
August 06, 2020 13:44

Hungary may extend loan moratorium

Spends an extra HUF 2 bn on music industry