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April 10, 2024 13:20

Hungary is sailing against the wind, with less and less capacity for growth - Ottó Sinkó

High-pressure economy is the wrong way to go

March 30, 2022 16:31

Hungary Videoton launches third shift with refugees from Ukraine

War puts many companies in a difficult position

October 11, 2021 10:35

Which COVID-19 vaccines trigger the strongest immune response in Hungary?

China's Sinopharm fares poorly

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July 01, 2021 09:55

Inadequate protection of Sinopharm vaccine threatens fourth wave in Hungary

Tests find one in three elderly have no antibodies, T-cells

Szijjarto Peter beruhazasi tamogatasok 201217
December 18, 2020 15:35

Hungary gives grants to HUF 8.7 bn corporate investments

Developments to create 300 new jobs