EU allocates large funds to help combat fraud affecting EU budget

For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, the European Commission proposes to make 181 million euros (cc. HUF 56 billion) available to support Member States' efforts to fight fraud, corruption and other irregularities affecting the EU budget, the EU executive announced on Wednesday.
The new EU Anti-Fraud Programme will finance targeted training and the exchange of information and best practice between anti-fraud enforcers across Europe. It will also provide support for investigative activities through the purchase of technical equipment used in detecting and investigating fraud, as well as facilitate access to secure information systems.

The new EU Anti-Fraud Programme will make a tangible contribution to boosting the fight against fraud and corruption to the detriment of the EU budget. Reinforcing cooperation between Member States enforcers and providing them with state of the art investigative tools can make all the difference in identifying fraudsters, stopping smugglers, or preventing corruption in procurement procedures

, commented Günther Öttinger, European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources.

Examples of successful projects in the Hercule III Programme that is to be replaced now include
  • the funding of digital forensic equipment;
  • funding for the training of sniffer dogs; and
  • the development of advanced IT tools used to help detect anomalies in trade flows and to uncover major cases of import fraud.

The Programme will also support the joint investigative efforts of Member States' customs authorities, since such joint operations are key in dismantling criminal networks operating across borders. The Programme is expected to bring significant added-value by complementing and supporting national efforts to counter fraud and corruption.

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