CEU stops programs for registered refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary

Central European University (CEU) has announced the immediate suspension of its education programs for registered refugees and asylum seekers, citing legislation that came into effect in Hungary on 24 August.
CEU has been forced to announce the immediate suspension, with effect as of August 24, of its education programs for registered refugees and asylum seekers, the Open Learning Initiative (OLIve), together with the administration of its European Union-funded Marie Curie Research Grant on migration policy in Central and Southern Europe, the beleaguered university announced on Tuesday.

CEU has been forced to take this action in response to Hungarian legislation in respect of refugees and immigration which came into effect on August 24.

CEU’s action follows advice from its tax advisors in respect of potential liability for a 25% levy on its immigration related programs. CEU said it is suspending these programs while it awaits clarification of its tax and legal situation.

“CEU takes this opportunity to emphasize, once again, that the OLIve programs have provided educational training only for persons legally admitted to Hungary. We are proud of this work and of our research on refugee and migration issues in Europe and will seek all possible ways to continue this work in the future," CEU added.

CEU announced on 26 June that having fulfilled its obligations under Hungarian law and faced with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government’s continuing refusal to bring the lex CEU matter to a conclusion, the university’s Board of Trustees, at their June 23 meeting authorized CEU to open recruitment for Budapest for the academic year 2019-2020, according to the University’s regular recruitment schedule.

“The Hungarian government has repeatedly said that once we fulfill the conditions of the new law, we will be fairly treated and that CEU will be able to operate in Hungary. Now is the time for Hungary to follow through on these commitments," added Chairman of the Board Leon Botstein.

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