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orbán viktor miniszterelnök
March 02, 2023 17:12

Hungary's Orbán: "I understand what Putin said, but I do not accept what he did."

PM talks about Russia-Ukraine war

nagy márton
November 21, 2022 12:37

Hungary's Orbán cabinet gets reshuffled

Márton Nagy will have his own Ministry of Economic Development

Gulyás Gergely bejelentés kormányinfo
November 14, 2022 13:25

Hungary scraps Ministry of Technology and Industry, sets up new Energy Ministry

Minister Palkovics resigns

paul krugman amerikai választások 2022
November 08, 2022 14:23

Renowned economist worries Republicans may turn U.S. into Hungary

Paul Krugman says Republicans would copy Viktor Orbán's approach

October 20, 2022 13:45

Hungarian gov't thrift mode ON: existing contracts are being thrown out

Law firms in the cross-hairs this time

eu magyar
June 23, 2022 12:35

Hungary governing party proposal would considerably undermine EU

Cabinet position set on the future of the bloc

parlament belso
June 22, 2022 11:49

Hungary castrates already ridiculous MP asset declaration system

It has already been a farce, now it will be a joke officially

orbán viktor
May 24, 2022 16:55

Viktor Orbán: I have never seen such uncertainty in the world

The Prime Minister also spoke about several challenges

orbán viktor orbán kormány nagy márton rogán antal csák jános
May 12, 2022 12:30

Fifth Orbán cabinet taking shape, faces tough challenge already

Budget needs quite an adjustment

May 11, 2022 09:15

New Orbán cabinet in the making: whispers of a government above the government

There would also be inner and outer circles in the hierarchical structure

gál kinga családügyi
April 22, 2022 14:03

Name of another potential member of the new Orbán government leaked

She could succeed Katalin Novák as minister for families

orbán viktor kormányinfó sajtótájékoztató
April 06, 2022 15:43

Orbán says price caps could remain in force longer in Hungary

Speaks to international journalists after election victory

szerb magyar külügyminiszter szijjártó péter
April 06, 2022 13:37

Hungary Foreign Minister talks Russia's rouble-for-gas mandate

Lashes out at Ukrainian leaders again

sztanyiszlavov orosz nagykövet
April 06, 2022 12:46

Kremlin has no reason not to trust Hungarian leadership - Russian ambassador to Hungary

There will be a solution to Paks 2 too, he says

szijjártó péter
April 06, 2022 09:29

Ukraine's Ambassador in Budapest summoned to Foreign Ministry

Péter Szijjártó outraged by comments

parlament eső hidegfront omsz
April 04, 2022 16:27

Hungary’s parliamentary elections undermined by absence of level playing field - OSCE

Elections well administered, professionally managed, but...

választás 2022 orbán viktor
April 04, 2022 09:10

Hungary makes headlines abroad after Orbán wins fourth consecutive term

Hungary all over the foreign press

April 04, 2022 08:35

Orbán's governing party wins supermajority in parliamentary election

135 seats for the Fidesz-KDNP coalition