Hungary's new national consultation includes questions on anti-LGBTQ+ law, Soros, migrants

The Hungarian government has published the questions of its upcoming ‘national consultation’ survey on its Facebook page. The questionnaires are to be returned by 25 August. All of the 14 questions are closed questions. They cover the planned raise to the minimum wage (to HUF 200,000), family support, the planned personal income tax refund (in early 2022) and the moratorium on loan repayments, as well as the recently adopted, hugely controversial and internationally criticised Child Protection Act which a last-minute tweak turned into an anti-LGBTQ+ law. The cabinet of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is facing a crunch election next spring, once again has its crosshairs on George Soros, migration and Brussels. And if migrants carrying who knows what kind of new viruses, and Soros and his evil network of migrant-hugging organisations are not Satanic enough for you, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány also makes an appearance as the bogeyman who would raise taxes.
  • nemzeti konzultacio

    1. Some say the post-pandemic world has changed in many ways, and a more dangerous era has begun. Hungary needs to be strengthened so that it can meet the new challenges. Others believe that everything will be back to how it was before the pandemic therefore there is no need for that. You can tick off one of the following responses:

    • A more dangerous era has begun, Hungary needs to be strengthened.
    • The world will be back to normal, there is no need for that.

    2. Some say that the strengthening of Hungary needs to be started by raising the minimum wage. The minimum wage needs to be raised to 200,000 forints because it would ensure that not only corporations but also the Hungarian people would benefit from economic growth. Others do not think there is a need for that. The answers you can tick off are:

    • The minimum wage needs to be raised as soon as possible.
    • There is currently no need to raise the minimum wage.

    3. Some say Hungary can be strengthened by giving constitutional protection to family supports, low taxes on labour and pensions so that no government may take these from the people during crises. Others believe there is no need for that, and that the cost of crises should be borne by the people. You may choose one of the following answers:

    • It is important for family supports, pensions and the low taxes on labour to be given constitutional protection.
    • There is no need to ensure constitutional protection for these measures.

    4. Some say it would be important for the strengthening of Hungary to aim at having the lowest taxes on labour in Hungary in Europe. Others think it is not necessary, we should return to the policy of the Gyurcsány era and raise labour taxes. The two options are:

    • It needs to be achieved that Hungary has the lowest taxes on labour.
    • We should return to the policy of the Gyurcsány era, as we need to raise taxes instead.

    5. Some propose that if the government can raise economic growth to over 5.5% then child-raising parents should be refunded their tax paid in 2021 (up to the average wage), because they were the ones that have borne the largest burden during the pandemic. Others do not believe this is necessary.

    • Child-raising parents need to be refunded their tax paid in 2021 (up to the average wage).
    • There is no need to further support child-raising parents and families.

    6. Some say the moratorium on loan repayments needs to be extended from September 2021 to July next year, so that the families and businesses in need would still be exempted from repaying their loans. The banks say there is no need for that, the loan moratorium needs to be abolished and everyone must repay [their debts].

    • The loan moratorium needs to be extended for those in need.
    • The banks are right, the loan moratorium has to be abolished.

    7. Brussels will abuse its power again after the pandemic, and it will open proceedings against our country to impose its will on Hungarians. Some think Hungary needs to be prepared to face these debates and stand up for the Hungarian people. Others think Hungary needs to yield to Brussels.

    • Hungary must stand up for its interests in every dispute.
    • We need to give in to Brussels.

    8. Brussels wants to enforce new taxes on us, to have the costs of environmental pollution and climate change caused by multinational companies be paid by Hungarian families via higher utility tariffs.

    • Multinational companies need to pay the price of their environment-damaging activities.
    • The cost of environmental pollution also needs to be paid by Hungarian families.

    9. Organisations financed by George Soros have launched a wide-ranging international attack on Hungary over its law on the protection of children. This law prohibits sexual propaganda directed at children in kindergartens, schools and in media accessible to children.

    • It is right that the government restricts sexual propaganda aimed at children.
    • Sexual propaganda directed at children poses no threat therefore its prohibition is unnecessary.

    10. After the pandemic George Soros will again attack Hungary because Hungarians are against illegal migration. Some say the pressure exerted by the Soros organisations must be resisted, while others think Hungary needs to surrender in the migration debate.

    • Hungary must not yield to the pressure exerted by the Soros-backed organisations.
    • We need to give in in the migration dispute.

    11. Many people think that in the age of epidemics it is a huge risk if anyone can freely enter Hungary. The possibility needs to be retained to prescribe new pandemic-related restrictions in case new waves hit, and that entry to Hungary from countries hit by pandemics would be possible only with health visas. Others believe the pandemic has ended and unrestricted entry from every country needs to be ensured.

    • A health visa needs to be required if someone wants to travel to Hungary from a pandemic-hit country.
    • The pandemic is over, unrestricted access from all countries needs to be ensured.

    12. The bureaucrats in Brussels and the organisations of George Soros argue that the import of migrants needs to be accelerated in the post-pandemic years. And it will be mandatory to resettle migrants arriving by sea in European countries. The government of Hungary is not in favour of any mandatory resettlement. The government’s standpoint is that migrants can be taken in only on a voluntary basis even after the pandemic, and their resettlement in EU member states cannot be made mandatory.

    • There is no need for mandatory resettlement, migrants cannot be forced on any country.
    • We need to live up to the expectations of Brussels, and Hungary will also need to take in immigrants.

    13. Some say there’s a need for a ‘migrant STOP’ for two years after the pandemic. Borders need to be closed completely to migrants because they can introduce new virus mutations in Hungary. The bureaucrats in Brussels think accepting migrants arriving during the pandemic cannot be rejected.

    • There is a need to put a hold on migration for a period of two years after the pandemic.
    • Immigrants arriving during the pandemic must be taken in.

    14. It became evident during the pandemic that there was a major battle for vaccines on the global market. Some say that in the era of pandemics this exposure needs to be done away with and that is why a Hungarian vaccine plant is necessary. Others say it is not needed.

    • There is a need for a Hungarian vaccine plant.
    • There is no need for a Hungarian vaccine plant; it is enough to rely on vaccines provided by foreign countries.

    Cover photo: The Hungarian government’s Facebook page

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