Price of diesel to drop in Hungary for the first time since 10 January

For the first time since 10 January, the wholesale gross list price of diesel will be lowered in Hungary, fuel price tracking site reported on Wednesday. The price of petrol will remain on hold this time.

The price of diesel was last trimmed (by HUF 2 to HUF 587) on 10 January. On Friday (23 February), there will be a HUF 4 per litre reduction in its price, while petrol prices are to remain unchanged. As a result, we should find the following average retail prices at the pumps two days from now: 

  • 95-octane petrol: HUF 618/litre 
  • Diesel: HUF 657/litre


This was exacerbated by another HUF 4 petrol price hike today. By Friday , fuel prices will have gone up a lot since the end of 2023, though: HUF 48 (+8.4%) in the case of petrol and HUF 64 (+10.8%) in the case of diesel. You may get some consolation looking at end-2022 prices, but if you look further down the road, the smile will quickly turn into a frown.

This is how fuel prices changed in Hungary since the start of 2023. The price of both fuel types was last this high in early or mid-October.


Oil prices have risen sharply in recent weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a ceasefire proposal by Hamas. In addition, the US launched a series of retaliatory strikes against Iran-linked militant groups in the Middle East in early February, with the spectacular souring of relations also driving up oil prices.

OPEC's communication on oil supply cuts also pushed Brent higher, but the price was also affected by the IEA's monthly report, in which the energy agency warned of a fall in global oil demand, citing a significant drop in Chinese demand.

Also contributing to the recent surge in domestic fuel prices is the weakening of the forint against key currencies, including the USD, in recent weeks. Following the release of US inflation data last week, the dollar suddenly started to strengthen spectacularly, while the forint eased in parallel. This was followed by the much weaker-than-expected Hungarian fourth-quarter GDP data, which also delivered a blow to the HUF.

This is how Hungarian fuel prices compared to prices in neighbouring countries a week ago:

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