Hungarians' image of EU improving

53% of Hungarians have a positive image of the European Union, the sixth highest ratio in the EU, according to an Eurobarometer study.
európai uniós zászló európai bizottság

The European Commission released country figures based on the study, made in November 2019, on Tuesday.

According to Eurobarometer,

Hungarians have an increasingly positive image of the EU, as the ratio of respondents reporting positive associations rose from 43% to 53% in a year.

This ranks Hungary sixth among EU member states and is well above the EU average of 43%. Meanwhile, only 10% of Hungarians have a negative feeling about the EU, with 37% reporting neutral associations.

Nearly two-thirds of Hungarians (64%) are optimistic regarding the future of the EU, compared to 30% on the pessimistic side. As for common policies, Hungarians support the free movement of people in the EU the most (82%).

Three-quarters of Hungarians support common defence and security policy, in line with the EU average, while 76% support a common trade policy and 78% support the common energy policy of the union. More than half (55%) also support a common policy on migration.

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