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Sustainable World 2024

Date: 4th September 2024  

Location: Marriott Hotel, Budapest

Zöld vállalatok, fenntarthatósági vezetők figyelem!


  • Rising economic sentiment, tightening green regulatory environment – Visions and focal points from big business leaders
  • EU resources and bank loans – Options to support greening
  • New challenges of the ESG law – What have we learnt, what will change next year?
  • CSRD, CBAM, ESG – Tackling mosaic monsters that serve a good purpose
  • The trickiest tasks: Scope 3 and net zero plans
  • No 'E' without 'S': a digital solution to measure social sustainability
  • The energy mix of the future and tasks: Greening, development, security of supply, flexibility
  • Latest news and updates on the renewables market
  • Let's make buildings more efficient! Challenges and possible responses
  • The foundations for 2050 transport are being prepared now – Where to go from here?
  • Green agriculture: Let’s get ready for adaptation and the newest technologies!
  • The problems of the future or the present? – Young people’s demands, changing consumer habits, retraining of the workforce
  • The transparent gold – Protecting our waters, safety issues

Our speakers among others

All speakers
speaker image
Bán Zoltán
Net Média (Portfolio Csoport)
speaker image
Csipszer Zoltán
Branch Manager
Lindab Kft.
speaker image
Papp Bernadett
Senior Market Analyst
Pact Capital AG
speaker image
Pásztor Roxána
Sustainability Project Leader

Why you should come?

The Sustainable World conference turned 5 years old!

With unwavering momentum and ever-increasing interest and attendance, we are organising Sustainable World 2024, the conference for the companies of the future, now a tradition. The unquestionable importance of sustainability efforts and solutions and their critical place in the economy was viewed with curious glances at the first Sustainable World Conference 5 years ago; however, now, they are undoubtedly an integral part of business life. Events that require a rapid response, such as an energy crisis or slower regulatory changes that require serious preparatory work, and the risks associated with climate change itself have forced and continue to force economic actors to adapt, reinvent, and think innovatively. No wonder many have already gained an enviable experience of what it means to belong to the 'elite of the green world' and look into the future confidently.

The event no longer aims to only showcase the experiences of the pioneers as a support for companies aiming to create their own stable and forward-looking business operations with the benefits of sustainability. It now serves as a primary forum and meeting place for the most determined companies committed to sustainability. In addition, it aims to raise topics and put issues on the table that may not necessarily be part of the mainstream green solutions and opportunities in Hungary.

The conference's unmissable topics include showcasing green financing options, forward-thinking investment decisions, ESG compliance in the face of tightening regulations, renewable energy, green transport, green real estate, and climate change-sensitive agriculture and water management issues will also be highlighted in 2024. We will address changing consumer habits, transforming company strategies, labour market issues and the challenges of the green supply chain. Cost- and energy-efficient operations, sustainability goals, specific measures and the long-term retention of the trust of customers and partners all contribute to the unique know-how and strategy that could be a green card for becoming a business of the future.

This was our Sustainable World 2023 conference:

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We would like to inform you that this conference will not be held online. There is no recording and possibility for subsequent viewing. We are looking forward to seeing you face-to-face!

Who we recommend

  • Decision-makers of innovative and green businesses,
  • Energy suppliers and generators,
  • Business executives,
  • Conscious energy consumers,,
  • Financial investors, businesspeople
  • Banks and financers,
  • Consultants,
  • Investment funds,
  • and those who wish to broaden their network of contacts in their profession and the connected areas and are looking for business networking possibilities.

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Sustainable World 2023

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Organisation, general questions

Luca Viszoki-Somogyi
  • Luca Viszoki-Somogyi
  • Event organiser
  • Phone: +36 1 428 9098
  • Email:


Sándor Takács
  • Sándor Takács
  • Commercial Director
  • Phone: 428-9094
  • Email:
Csilla Kiss
  • Csilla Kiss
  • Phone: +36 20 287 3256
  • Email:
Péter Mihály
  • Péter Mihály
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Phone: +36-70-544-0164
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Roxána Pásztor
  • Roxána Pásztor
  • analyst
  • Phone: +36-30-908-9711
  • Email:
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