Two out of three Hungarian employers put workers at risk

The occupational safety directorate of the Finance Ministry fined 224 employers for a combined HUF 100.6 mn in the first half for safety violations.
The authorities inspected 7,065 employers in the first half, finding violations at 5,493 of them. The numbers were relatively unchanged from a year earlier when 5,305 out of 7,098 employers were found lacking.

Inspectors looked at how health and safety rules are implemented in the case of 99,218 employees and found violations at 67.2% of them, slightly down from 69.5% a year earlier.

The inspections were focused on manufacturing, construction and agriculture, sectors where putting employees in danger is both more frequent and more severe than the average.

More than half of all violations found were related to labour protection, 27% were safety-related and 10% were health-related risks, the ministry said in the summary.

As for frequent violations, more than 10% involved insufficient electrical safety and another 10% had to do with not being supplied the proper tools for the work. Dangerous materials were involved in 8.2% of work code violations.