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gyártás hegesztés
November 15, 2023 06:05

Hungary is going down a risky path - Are they blowing yet another inflation bubble?

Péter Ákos Bod: What could a high-pressure economy bring?

varga mihály 2024-es költségvetés
May 31, 2023 13:10

We got the main winner of Hungary's 2024 budget

Defence development to receive massive funding next year

February 10, 2023 08:35

Is Hungary really the only country where polluting battery factories are built?

No such investments in the West then?

February 06, 2023 09:25

Hungarian Central Statistical Office's retail data leaks two days prior to publication

Some people may have ad an irrevocable advantage

orosz olajtanker
January 16, 2023 09:04

Diesel prices could rocket due to new EU sanctions

While crude oil prices have collapsed, it will be more difficult to replace Russian diesel

mezőgazdaság traktor
December 15, 2022 08:55

Think tank projects further rise in food inflation in Hungary

Fertiliser prices are key

parlament országház budapest getty stock
November 11, 2022 17:25

Hungary could avoid recession next year, but at a high cost, EU Commission predicts

The forecast is for high inflation, a budget deficit and minimal debt reduction.

deviza trader forint árfolyam kereskedő
October 12, 2022 09:09

EUR/HUF 500 appears on technical analysis chart

Reuters forecasts further HUF easing

koronavírus vakcina ampulla oltás járvány
November 22, 2021 14:25

Don't let Hungary's official vaccination rate fool you!

Waning effectiveness of vaccines must be considered

intenziv osztaly beteg koronavirus lélegeztetőgép korhaz
September 16, 2021 15:19

A periodic comparison of key Covid data in Hungary - Err, this does not look good at all!

Three possible explanations

A közmunkások verhetik be az utolsó szöget a nyugdíjrendszer koporsójába
May 14, 2021 05:00

Not good, not terrible? - More on Hungary's excess mortality

Let's compare apples to apples

korona oltás vakcina
April 13, 2021 08:30

This is why Hungary should not yet ease curbs markedly in pandemic

A lot more people need to be vaccinated first

covid semmelweis egyetem koronavirus korhaz
March 23, 2021 16:45

Hungary's health care system overloaded as pandemic rages on

And it will get only worse for a few more weeks

August 19, 2020 09:29

Public debt jumps in Hungary but dramatic surge may be avoided

Let's see a few possible scenarios

March 31, 2020 11:18

ANALYST VIEW - Jefferies expects market to 'like' Richter deal

Endorses spending of Vraylar cash

Moving Trams on Liberty Bridge, Budapest
December 30, 2019 06:15

Hungarian economy on a roll

For what reason does the economy soar and how much longer can this last?

Gyorgy Matolcsy, president of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank
November 05, 2019 09:50

Hungary's Matolcsy writes a eulogy for envisaged funeral of the euro - Is he right?

Is the euro a failed project or a success with hiccups?

October 14, 2019 15:44

How the elections will affect Hungary's economy

No immediate changes expected

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