Label: "energy"

infláció forint
March 13, 2023 12:35

Hungary's soaring inflation apparently not caused by high energy demand and dependence after all

...or by the EU sanctions on Russia for that matter

orbán viktor kormány
March 09, 2023 08:23

Hungarian gov't taps the Overheads Protection Fund once again

Now nearly HUF 100 billion had to be withdrawn

March 08, 2023 11:23

Volkswagen puts the construction of battery plants in Europe on the back burner

It is waiting for the EU response to the IRA

March 08, 2023 09:25

Mol discovers another natural gas field in Hungary

Extraction could start as early as this year

March 06, 2023 09:19

Not just gas but also electricity consumption dropped in January

The mild weather certainly played an important role in this

February 24, 2023 10:58

Startling graph shows that reducing gas consumption in the EU has not cut industrial production

The industry has been extremely flexible in responding to forced gas cuts

February 21, 2023 11:02

Hungary was Romania's main electricity trading partner in 2022

The only nuclear power plant has significantly overperformed

February 21, 2023 10:49

Gas prices fall further, moving away from the critical threshold

Trading at one-and-a-half-year lows

geotermikus áramfejlesztő
February 17, 2023 08:04

Procter & Gamble finds thermal water near Budapest, might stop using gas

The global company's local plant may switch entirely to geothermal energy

hidrogén jármű kamion teherautó
February 14, 2023 08:38

EU proposes to clarify what counts as renewable hydrogen

The Commission has proposed a draft law

Paks II. godor helyszin
February 10, 2023 09:25

Paks II nuclear power plant expansion in the crossfire of sanctions

Rosatom made a promise, but there are protests in Europe

Több állami ingyenpénz jut gázkazánokra és gázkonvektorokra
February 08, 2023 10:48

Strong EU lobby for green hydrogen, but experts doubt its effectiveness

Safety concerns and production costs also raise concerns about the idea of widespread use

napelem ház
February 07, 2023 08:09

Hungarian government would spend EU RRF loan on energy projects - Telex

Possible spending target for HUF 4 trillion

February 03, 2023 10:18

Hungarian gov't takes a new direction on gas, makes a request to Brussels

Nine member states, including Hungary, have written to the European Commission about hydrogen

napelem családi ház
January 31, 2023 11:10

Hungarian solar PV applicants who missed the autumn deadline will have to wait a long time to be connected to the grid

State Secretary Attila Steiner gave some important details

January 27, 2023 07:46

Szombathely not interested in new battery plant

The city was approached late last year with the idea

January 25, 2023 10:10

Hungary ranks as the most expensive importer of Russian gas in the EU

According to Eurostat data

tűzifa kályha
January 23, 2023 10:15

Statistical fraud busted, Hungary manipulated renewable energy data the most

On paper, the figures on renewable energy penetration look good, but they are being manipulated across the EU

January 19, 2023 08:30

Hungarian gov't mulls the option of building gas-fired power plants

They would use cutting-edge technology to ensure the balancing of the grid