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September 08, 2023 11:05

Solar farm capacity in Hungary could double in a few years

Another important announcement is coming

szijjártó péter külügyminiszter
September 07, 2023 10:05

Foreign Minister announces gas imports from Poland

Péter Szijjártó announced the news in Karpacz, Poland

napelem, napelemes pályázat, napenergia, pv
September 05, 2023 12:30

Hungarian gov't seen backpedalling on controversial revamp of solar panel rules

Annual balance accounting to remain in place after all

Steiner Attila Kardoskut
August 31, 2023 16:27

Hungary has big plans for lignite assets, Mol is starting lithium extraction

Domestic natural resources must be mined and used

orbán viktor miniszterelnök kormányfő
August 25, 2023 08:46

Viktor Orbán: the government had to show teeth, claws, and strength to the multinationals

The Prime Minister slightly changed his expectations for the next year and a half in his regular live interview

Forradalom helyett hatalmas bajt hozhat az energiatárolás - A bűnbakok az elektromos autók lehetnek
August 15, 2023 09:52

Government proposes new renewable energy revenue compensation

Many detailed rules still to be defined for electricity storage

napelem háztető erdő
August 14, 2023 12:30

Government's solar plan aims to facilitate the creation of energy communities

There are still obstacles though

naperomu farm napelem park
August 10, 2023 09:48

Spanish renewable energy company secures funding for major solar power plant development in Hungary

A single investor subscribed the entire credit line

árfigyelő gvh nyitóoldal forrás Portfolio
August 09, 2023 10:50

Analyst: the official retail Price Monitor bears no relation to inflation data

Economists reacted to yesterday's inflation figures

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi benzinkút kőolajfinomító
August 03, 2023 17:12

Analysts put bar really low for Hungary's Mol - But why?

Estimates for the second quarter of 2023

Debrecen akkumulator bejelentes
July 31, 2023 08:40

Another Chinese battery investment comes to Debrecen, though it has yet to be announced officially

A HUF 23 billion project is launched to better serve Western markets

July 28, 2023 11:57

Crisis hits Tesco in Hungary, only a sale of real estate helped

They became profitable only because of a one-off item

Szijjarto Peter orosz olaj es gaz
July 28, 2023 08:55

We will have Russian gas and oil, and Azeri gas is coming - Péter Szijjártó soothes Hungary's fears

He discussed the issues with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister

Európa jövője vagy rothadt szendvics? - Döntő energiapolitikai lépésre készül az EU
July 26, 2023 12:24

Hungary votes against new EU energy efficiency directive

But it's all in vain, because it will still enter into force

thermostat radiátor rezsi fűtés
July 19, 2023 09:38

Gas consumption seriously down in Hungary, many people cut back

Consumption fell by almost 1 billion cubic metres in the first half of the year

D_LEH20230212009 (1)
June 27, 2023 10:02

Drilling of the third well already commenced in the Békés county gas field

The drilling of the second well was completed last week