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orbán viktor orbán-kormány
June 18, 2024 08:36

Government again bails out debt-ridden hospitals

But there's still plenty of hospital debt left over

May 16, 2024 13:35

Respiratory inflections in sluggish retreat in Hungary

Penultimate report in the current flu season

May 09, 2024 11:10

Respiratory infections retreat in Hungary after three weeks of worsening statistics

The end [of the flu season] is close

korhaz varo hospital
May 09, 2024 09:30

Waiting lists for state-funded surgeries in Hungary count almost 50,000 people

Knee replacement, cataract surgery and hip replacement top the list

takaró iroda megfázás beteg getty stock
April 25, 2024 11:20

Number of Hungarians with respiratory infection rises for 2nd week in a row

Hospitalisation stats improve though

magyar egészségügy beteg
April 22, 2024 08:48

New kind of inspections to befall Hungarian hospitals

A betegeket nem igazoltatják.

orbán viktor
April 18, 2024 11:50

Hungarian state bails out hospitals again

Ministry admits care providers struggle with liquidity issues

April 18, 2024 10:52

More Hungarians seek medical help with acute respiratory infections

Rise also has to do with holiday-shortened week

influenza légúti fertőzés stock
April 11, 2024 11:02

Flu epidemic keeps improving in Hungary, hospitalisations stagnate

It's almost over, but short weeks did help improve the stats

influenza beteg nő
March 28, 2024 11:00

More Hungarians seek medical help with acute respiratory infection

Influenza-like symptoms drop further, though

Egészségügyi dolgozók
March 22, 2024 15:21

Hungarian hospitals are in so much debt that wards have to be closed

Overdue debts exceed HUF 100 billion

virusok bakteriumok fertozes gyerekbetegseg
March 21, 2024 10:28

Influenza epidemic keeps petering out in Hungary

Half of those with acute respiratory infection are still children

covid influenza beteg nő stock
March 14, 2024 12:02

Influenza epidemic in retreat in Hungary, with slow improvement in hospitals

Covid, influenza positivity rates down, RSV positivity rate up

March 11, 2024 16:25

Hungary should get back to economic policy textbooks - György Jaksity

Would Huxit make sense? Interview with Concorde's founder and chief

March 07, 2024 11:44

Influenza epidemic keeps tapering off in Hungary

Hospitalisation data also improve

March 07, 2024 10:06

Number of people with chronic kidney disease rises alarmingly

An estimated 1.5 million people are affected in Hungary

gyógyszer rendelés
March 01, 2024 13:35

Major change in Hungarian hospitals in the making

Pharmacies beware