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Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi százhalombatta
December 01, 2022 08:24

Restoring Mol refinery to full capacity suffers further delay in Hungary

Fate of fuel price cap hangs in the balance

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi
November 30, 2022 11:27

Petrol chaos in Hungary: good news on one of the main problems

With regards to the maintenance process at Mol's Százhalombatta refinery

November 28, 2022 15:50

Petrol chaos in Hungary: fuel shortages may persist, hundreds of pumps may close

According to Gábor Egri, President of the Independent Petrol Stations Association

November 28, 2022 08:44

Petrol stations running out of fuel in Hungary

Reports on products being out at Budapest pumps

benzinkut franciaorszag
November 25, 2022 12:11

Hungary Mol will not deliver fuel to small pumps next week either

Restriction remains in place until further notice

November 24, 2022 09:28

Surprising oil discovery in Hungary could help supply for 10 years

Brent-type light oil found near Vecsés

Hernádi Zsolt a MOL szakembereinek gratulál
November 21, 2022 16:27

Mol finds oil on the outskirts of Vecsés

The new well is expected to increase Hungary's oil production by 5%.

benzinkut franciaorszag
November 21, 2022 14:47

Hungary PM Orbán, Mol CEO Hernádi receive open letter from independent petrol stations

The main issue is the shutdown of fuel deliveries

mol benzinkút tankolás
November 18, 2022 16:05

Hungary Mol introduces new restriction at pumps

High-capacity pumps affected

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi mol-logó
November 17, 2022 23:34

Mol to suspend supply of fuel to small petrol stations next week

Citing the interest of the country and energy supply

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi százhalombatta munkás
November 10, 2022 16:45

Mol's UK upstream assets sale concludes successfully

The agreement contains a payment subject to future conditions

November 04, 2022 09:20

Massive new records at Hungary's Mol, oil company exceeds all expectations

Cheap Russian gas still has its effect

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi mol-logó
November 03, 2022 16:30

Mol still has access to cheap Russian oil, could experience another surge

Another half billion result to come.

October 19, 2022 17:35

Hungary Mol chief: Europe is broken, business is riding on the tumbleweed of politics

We must return to the politics of common sense, says Zsolt Hernádi

October 13, 2022 16:45

György Bacsa appointed COO of Mol Hungary

Replacing Péter Ratatics

August 30, 2022 08:20

Hungary Mol addresses reduction in minimum supply

Some independent petrol stations will receive only 35% of their orders

August 12, 2022 16:47

They figured out how to ensure Russian oil flows to Hungary

European bank can continue to handle transit fee transfers. (Európai bank bonyolíthatja tovább a tranzitdíj-átutalásokat.)

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi kőolajvezeték barátság-vezeték friendship
August 10, 2022 12:09

Breaking News: Transport through Friendship pipeline can resume within days

Mol takes cares of financial hitch