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Jó hír az autósoknak, hatalmas árcsökkenés jön a benzinkutakon
February 07, 2024 16:20

Hungarian gov't may meddle in fuel prices - Economy Minister negotiates with Mol

Domestic fuel prices should not take off

Hernádi Zsolt
January 02, 2024 10:07

Hungary Mol chief shares view on fuel price affecting factors in 2024

Question marks abound

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi mol-logó
December 22, 2023 12:04

Good news from Mol: gas production commences at the Rozhkovsky field in Kazakhstan

The first well will produce 300,000 cubic metres of gas per day

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi munkás
December 05, 2023 12:10

Hungary Mol buys stake in Waberer's

Parties ink new strategic partnership agreement too

Kazahsztan olajvasarlas
November 21, 2023 13:24

Hungary's oil purchases from Kazakhstan keep on rising

Share of Kazakh oil is already over 10%

November 10, 2023 08:42

Mol's Q3 flash report exceeds analysts' expectations

The company closed the quarter on a strong note

November 06, 2023 10:44

Mandatory Deposit Return System to drive prices higher in Hungary from January 2024

Returning bottles will be worth it

November 03, 2023 08:20

Hungary Mol chief says fuel price increase in 2024 is a done deal

No doubt about it, Zsolt Hernádi says

gáz földgáz energia
November 02, 2023 15:37

Hungary's Mol to start massive gas exploration project

Extraction in Kazakhstan to be launched before year-end

October 17, 2023 16:45

Mol inks deal with Hungarian state, mining royalty could drop

Reduction could reach up to USD 400-450 million

muanyag-kupak-palack-betetdij-ujrafelhasznalas- fenntarthatosag
October 05, 2023 08:44

Mandatory return of PET bottles coming soon

The regulation has been issued

October 04, 2023 11:00

Fuel prices to change in Hungary again on Friday

Petrol to cost less

September 27, 2023 12:32

Fuel prices to be cut further in Hungary, but they remain a key issue

Gov't wants fuel traders to dampen rise

benzin üzemanyag
September 27, 2023 09:30

Mol and the Hungarian Petroleum Association react to the government's ultimatum

They "understand the government's position," and are willing to work for the same goal

Mol Dunai Finomító Dufi mol-logó
September 27, 2023 08:49

ANALYST VIEW - Erste downgrades Hungary's Mol

Cuts target price too

Steiner Attila Kardoskut
August 31, 2023 16:27

Hungary has big plans for lignite assets, Mol is starting lithium extraction

Domestic natural resources must be mined and used

mol benzinkút fresh cornerrel
August 29, 2023 08:57

Mol closes giant deal as part of Slovenian expansion

39 filling stations in Slovenia sold to Shell as part of the acquisition of OMV Slovenija

Forradalom helyett hatalmas bajt hozhat az energiatárolás - A bűnbakok az elektromos autók lehetnek
August 15, 2023 09:52

Government proposes new renewable energy revenue compensation

Many detailed rules still to be defined for electricity storage