Label: "third dose"

February 21, 2022 12:52

Subsiding pandemic stomps Hungarians' vax vim

Vaccination campaign fizzles out

koronavírus vakcina
February 09, 2022 13:45

Where are Hungary's COVID-19 statistics for fourth doses?

They might be hidden in plain sight

oltásellenes koronavírus
February 08, 2022 12:56

Demand for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots plummets in Hungary

Latest vaccination campaign data attest

pfizer vakcina
December 08, 2021 17:14

Pfizer lab studies show third dose may be needed against Omicron variant

Finding could accelerate administration of booster doses worldwide

koronavírus vakcina ampulla oltás járvány
November 22, 2021 14:25

Don't let Hungary's official vaccination rate fool you!

Waning effectiveness of vaccines must be considered

oltás vakcina korona járvány
October 27, 2021 08:00

Everything you did not want to know about third doses of Covid vaccines

In vaccines we trust, but maybe we should trust in some other things too...

October 21, 2021 21:32

Pfizer shares great news on COVID-19 vaccine booster dose

High efficacy, favourable safety profile in Phase 3 trial

merkely bela koronavirus jarvany
October 07, 2021 10:50

Practically all unvaccinated people will get infected by coronavirus - Merkely

Rector Semmelweis Medical University shares view on fourth wave

vakcinák oltóanyag oltás
October 06, 2021 09:05

J&J seeks authorisation of COVID-19 vaccine booster

Extra dose provides great protection

September 10, 2021 10:25

We don't need no vaccination, we don't need no thought control

3rd dose meter swings higher than 1st and 2nd combined