Budapest Metro workers may give strike for Christmas

The Trade Union of Retail Employees (KASZ) has held wage talks with the management of Budapest’s metro lines, but the offer was far from what the union demands, hence the negotiating delegation rejected it, the union announced on Friday.
Metro consequently withdrawn its wage hike offer and has created a new one for today. Although this was somewhat different than the original one, it still shows no meaningful progress, and so the Trade Union of Retail Employees (KASZ) turned this one down too.

As it is clear that the talks will not yield results, the KASZ has formed a strike committee.

The company is legally bound to continue talks with the union within seven days, and come up with an acceptable wage hike offer.

“Should that fail to happen, there will be a strike, and it will be staged at a time when it hurts the company," the union has threatened.

The KASZ said it would soon publish its demands, but the company insists to share its own wage hike proposals with the employees therefore the union stressed that it does not find the offer acceptable.

The headline of the union's statement reads "Strike committee formed at Metro! Will there be a strike at Christmas?"

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