Slovakian company embarks on major solar plant project in Hungary

Greentechnic Hungary Ltd. has received an order by Slovakian solar panel manufacturer Radix Union S.r.o. to build 165 solar parks with 500-kilowatt capacity each in Hungary. The value of the investment project is some HUF 31.85 billion (EUR 100.95 mn), the Hungarian Photovoltaic and Solar Collector Association (MNNSz) announced on Tuesday. The first stage of the project is expected to be completed at the end of March.
In scope of the project, 33 solar parks with 500 kW capacity each (16.5 MW in total) are planned to be set up this year in Szügy, Nógrád county, and the first stage of this construction has already been completed.

The largest solar park of the county (called Szügy-Balassagyarmat solar park) will be inaugurated on 29 March.

Greentechnic Hungary Ltd. is a founding member of the MNNSz.

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