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November 22, 2023 09:16

European Commission: Hungary among member states facing imbalances

2024 European Semester cycle of economic policy coordination launched

kadri simson
November 15, 2023 09:19

EU Energy Commissioner urges Hungary to divest from Russia immediately

Kadri Simson sends a strong message to the government

Extrém helyzeteket hozott a magyar árampiacon 2018
October 20, 2023 11:00

September in Hungary has not been this warm for more than a hundred years - What are the consequences?

Turnaround in Hungarian electricity consumption is imminent

görög lng
October 11, 2023 16:21

EU approves construction of new LNG terminal that will also supply Hungary

Massive Greek state aid cleared in protected marine area

October 06, 2023 08:55

Hungary's industrial production remains feeble

And the outlook is not bright either

October 02, 2023 09:00

Hungarian gov't taps overheads protection fund due to corporate electricity price ceiling

Nearly HUF 5 billion compensation already paid

September 27, 2023 15:14

Hungary and Slovakia to sign nuclear cooperation agreement

MoFA announces

September 20, 2023 12:33

Important clarifications of Hungarian solar power accounting rules

Some kind of market mechanism may be taken into consideration

EM egyeztetes napelem bejelentes
September 19, 2023 09:13

Solar panel owners get three major messages from the Energy Ministry

Annual balance accounting to be retained

napelem szigetels ablakcsere pest megye unios palyazat hitel1500
September 14, 2023 09:08

Connection stop for Hungarian solar households to be lifted from January

PM's chief of staff provided several important pieces of information on residential solar panels

gaztarolo Steiner Attila Facebook1
September 13, 2023 09:36

Hungarian gas storage facilities almost full, winter should not be a problem

However we look at it, storage filling reached historic highs

September 08, 2023 11:05

Solar farm capacity in Hungary could double in a few years

Another important announcement is coming

szijjártó péter külügyminiszter
September 07, 2023 10:05

Foreign Minister announces gas imports from Poland

Péter Szijjártó announced the news in Karpacz, Poland

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September 05, 2023 12:30

Hungarian gov't seen backpedalling on controversial revamp of solar panel rules

Annual balance accounting to remain in place after all

Steiner Attila Kardoskut
August 31, 2023 16:27

Hungary has big plans for lignite assets, Mol is starting lithium extraction

Domestic natural resources must be mined and used

orbán viktor miniszterelnök kormányfő
August 25, 2023 08:46

Viktor Orbán: the government had to show teeth, claws, and strength to the multinationals

The Prime Minister slightly changed his expectations for the next year and a half in his regular live interview

Forradalom helyett hatalmas bajt hozhat az energiatárolás - A bűnbakok az elektromos autók lehetnek
August 15, 2023 09:52

Government proposes new renewable energy revenue compensation

Many detailed rules still to be defined for electricity storage

napelem háztető erdő
August 14, 2023 12:30

Government's solar plan aims to facilitate the creation of energy communities

There are still obstacles though

naperomu farm napelem park
August 10, 2023 09:48

Spanish renewable energy company secures funding for major solar power plant development in Hungary

A single investor subscribed the entire credit line

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August 09, 2023 10:50

Analyst: the official retail Price Monitor bears no relation to inflation data

Economists reacted to yesterday's inflation figures