COVID-19 vaccines delivery could start next April, says EU's von der Leyen

The supply of potential COVID-19 vaccines is expected to start in earnest in April 2021, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday.

The delivery of potential COVID-19 vaccines to European Union countries could begin in earnest in April, Reuters cited von der Leyen as telling a press conference today.

The big numbers of supplies are due to start in April

She added that in the best-case scenario companies could deliver up to 50 million vaccines a month to the EU.

Only part of the European Union population can be inoculated against the novel coronavirus before 2022, EU officials said on Monday in an internal meeting, as the vaccines the bloc is securing may not prove effective or may not be manufactured in sufficient doses.  

“There will not be sufficient doses of COVID-19 vaccines for the entire population before the end of 2021,” a European Commission official told diplomats from EU states in a closed-door meeting on Monday.

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