COVID-19 in Hungary: 1,004 new cases on Tuesday

Hungarian authorities confirmed 1,004 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases on Tuesday, increasing the total since last March to 361,881. The death toll rose to 12,198 after the disease claimed the lives of 85, mostly elderly or chronic, patients.
koronavírus maszk

The latest pandemic statistics in Hungary continue to indicate a slight easing in the outbreak. Although the number of new cases was 1,004, higher than in the previous two days, it remains below the seven-day average.

Overall, the trend line appears to show that the substantial slowing in the spread of the virus seen in the first half of January has stopped in recent days. There is a similar situation with regard to severe cases: while the falling trend has not broken, the latest data indicate stagnation. There are now 3,809 coronavirus patients in hospital, with 255 of them on ventilators.


The declining trend of fatalities has continued, with daily figures dropping gradually from around 120 at Christmas to around 80. However, as the decrease in new cases and severe symptoms has halted, we may have to expect the same to happen to fatalities.

The ratio of positive tests remains stable at a relatively low level, again confirming that the outbreak is stagnating in Hungary.


Vaccination continues to proceed at a very slow pace. With 3,000 people vaccinated yesterday, the total in Hungary is now above 150,000. Vaccination coverage remains below 1.6% of the population. Second shots were given to some 5,000 people on Tuesday, bringing the total to 17,772.

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