COVID-19 in Hungary: nearly 1,000 cases on Tuesday

The number of people vaccinated in Hungary is now 4,391,794 (first dose) and 2,599,041 (both doses). There were 905 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases confirmed yesterday, increasing the total since last March to 793,784. The death toll rose to 28,888 after 96 coronavirus patients died in the past 24 hours.
koronavírus járvány mintavétel teszt covid-19 magyar adat

The number of new cases was 905, which fits the declining trend of the pandemic. As shown below, the decrease was fast in the second half of April but slower in May.

There were 96 coronavirus-related fatalities yesterday. There is also a falling trend here, although daily numbers around 100 are still high.


The number of people in hospital and on ventilator is decreasing dynamically. There are now 2,974 coronavirus patients in hospital, with 361 of them on ventilator.


Fatalities are decreasing slower than could be expected based on the number of people in hospital. In recent days, there were around 100 daily fatalities out of nearly 3,000 hospital patients, a more than 3% ratio. Back when the number of people in hospital was between 11,000 and 12,000, fatalities were 250 to 300, a ratio under 2.5%. Based on this, fatalities should decrease significantly in coming days.

The ratio of positive tests dropped below 6% yesterday, another indication that the pandemic may be receding in Hungary. The positivity rate is now close to the 5% WHO recommendation, under which the spread of the virus can be controlled. Hungary has been above the threshold since last autumn when the second wave ramped up.


Meanwhile, the vaccination drive slowed in recent days, with just 45,000 first doses administered yesterday.


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