COVID-19: New cases down, hospitalisation, ventilation stats worsen in Hungary

The number of people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection has dropped 8%, according to weekly data published in Hungary on Wednesday, which also showed a 16% fall in the number of Covid-related fatalities over the previous week. However, there are more people with coronavirus infection in hospital and on ventilator.
covid kórházi dolgozó

After improvement in Covid statistics across the board last week, the number of hospitalised COVID-19 patients and those on ventilator has increased on the week up to 22 November.


The daily average of coronavirus-related deaths went down to 9 for the last 7 days from 10 a week ago and 20 a month ago.

Here are a few charts about the key indicators that show the main developments in the pandemic since mid-May:


The 'On ventilator / In hospital' ratio was falling constantly since May, although there was a spike in late August. The ratio has been steadily rising since mid-Sept and reached 1.9% in mid-October, only to rather inexplicably drop to 1.1% after and then jump back to 1.8% and drop abruptly again to 1.3% the week before last. Now it's up slightly at 1.4%. The downward trend remains intact, though.

Vaccination uptake dwindles

A total of 6,924 COVID-19 shots have been administered in Hungary over the past seven days, down 13% from 7,919 a week ago.

The daily average dropped to 989 doses after a 33% increase to 1,131 per day.

The number of 4th doses administered (5.874 or 839 per day) shows a 14% w/w drop, and the number of 3rd jabs administered (580 or 83 per day) shows a 20% decline after a 55% jump on the preceding week. The daily average of 1st and 2nd shots was 34 and 33, respectively, reaching a total of 238 and 232 over the seven days up to 22 Nov.

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