Hungary's Modern Cities Programme spending tops HUF 1,500 bn

The Hungarian government has distributed more than HUF 1,500 billion for development projects under the Modern Cities Programme (MVP), including HUF 450 bn in EU funding, the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement on Monday. The scheme aims for the comprehensive development of 23 county cities (cities with county rights, including all 20 county seats) has a total budget of HUF 4,000 bn.

Of the more than 260 projects in the programme, 75 have been completed since 2015, with projects worth some HUF 85 bn in the pipeline this year. The government announced yesterday that it would also be adding HUF 12.5 bn to its Hungarian Village Programme, which originally planned to spend HUF 150 bn this year.

Projects to be completed this year include a new swimming pool in Kaposvár, an international school in Debrecen, upgrades to health institutions in Érd and a castle renovation in Zalaegerszeg. The development of several industrial parks is also under way as the required lands have been purchased in all locations.

The goal of the MVP is to provide better quality of life in the 23 county cities in Hungary and to ensure that these cities gain regional significance above their local weight, the statement said.

Cover photo: MTI/Varga György

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