Fidesz an inch away from exiting EPP, Orbán says

Fidesz was an inch away from quitting the European People's Party on Thursday after the majority of the party group "betrayed us", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his Friday morning radio interview. The majority of EPP MEPs voted to support a resolution regarding Article 7 proceedings against Hungary and trying EU funding to the rule of law as a condition in the European Parliament on Thursday.

"Fidesz is part of a party group, a family, so that it can receive protection when necessary, but if our allies betray us, as most of the EPP did yesterday, then we have no place there," Orbán said, adding that the only reason Fidesz did not leave the EPP on Thursday was the "clear support" of French, Spanish and Italian MEPs who also argued for supporting Hungary in the EPP debate.

However, Orbán stressed that the situation was untenable and said that if the EPP failed to stand behind Hungary, then

we have to launch a new European movement of Christian Democratic characteristics,

adding that Fidesz "will have allies" in this.

In Orbán's view, the support of French, Spanish and Italian MEPs in yesterday's vote offers some hope that change could be achieved in the EPP. "It is a dwindling hope but is still exists. If not for this, we would not be members as of this morning," the prime minister said in the radio interview.

In other news, Orbán arrived in Prague yesterday for a summit of the Visegrád Four countries and Austria and held talks with Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Regarding these talks, Orbán said Hungary was likely to be the target of further attacks by Austria regarding the Paks 2 nuclear power plant project.

Cover photo: MTI/ Zsolt Szigetváry

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